(BSOD) tcpip.sys / Ntoskrnl.exe - Bad_Pool_Header

  BuBuBang 14:39 28 Feb 2015

I've built my own PC for the first time ever, and I've had nothing but BSOD's from the get-go. Very annoying as I can't do anything! :'(

OS: Windows 7 Error: BADPOOLHEADER

I've ran RAM diagnostics, and I've ran HDD diagnostics. Both gave the all-clear, so I ran safe mode and there were no issues - bam! Software problem.

Ran bluescreenview - errors were Caused By Driver "tcpip.sys" / "ntoskrnl.exe". I updated my Realtek LAN Driver and the problem still occurrs....

Can somebody please give me a fix or talk me through it? I'll be eternally grateful as this is the only PC in the house and we desperately need it to operate properly for basic computing needs :)

Thank you in advance <3

  Forum Editor 14:58 28 Feb 2015

This is one of those problems that could have any one of a number of causes, the most common one being driver problems. Disconnect any external devices, such as routers, printers etc. and try again.

You might try performing a clean boot; open the start menu and type type msconfig in the general tab, choose "selective startup" and uncheck "Load Startup Items". In the "Services" tab, choose "Hide all Microsoft Services", then click the "Disable All" button. The restart the computer.

This might give you an idea as to what's at the bottom of the problem.

  BuBuBang 16:33 28 Feb 2015

I've done a clean boot with Msconfig. It still occurs.

The problem is a driver I think, because on safe mode it does not occur.

I've tried updating all my drivers manually and it says all my drivers are up to date so why does it still occur? Should I roll back a suspected driver?

  robin_x 17:02 28 Feb 2015

Try right-click Disabling devices to isolate the problem (in Device Manager).

If you Uninstall, drivers are reinstalled at boot.

Rollback may not prove anything.

Further reading of possible use??

click here

  BuBuBang 17:11 28 Feb 2015

Wait, in device manager I disable devices?

  BuBuBang 17:56 28 Feb 2015

It hasn't happened for about 14hours but it occurs randomly...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:25 28 Feb 2015

Run chkdsk /f/r on you drive.

if its corruption causing the problem windows will mark that part of the drive as dirty and not reuse it when the driver is reinstalled it will be to another part of the drive and the fault should not reoccur.

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