BSOD - STOP 0X0000008E

  Charlie Brown 19:15 14 Sep 2008

I have been getting the BSOD with the error message Stop 0X0000008E for the two weeks and have been too busy to do anything about it, been running the computer in safe mode. Having read about it in various forums I made a CD of MEMTEST86 to check the memory modules, but I cannot figure how to boot from it. Help please. Once while booting a black screen came up saying there was no keyboard present, not sure why, maybe loose connection, but on the screen it also said memory test was OK, 1 GB memory installed. Can memory still be bad?
Secondly, can registry cleaners work in safe mode? I am having difficulty in running them. A Spybot message comes up in normal reboot very briefly that a registry change has been detected. Computer then switches off and BSOD appears before I can click deny change. Greatly appreciate help.

  splatter 19:23 14 Sep 2008

Booting from a CD varies from system to sytem but (if your quick at reading) it will normally tell you when you first turn the system on. If not try either F2, F12 or of them will present you with a boot menu from where you can choose your CR-ROM drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:34 14 Sep 2008

Probably not memory

click here

  Charlie Brown 22:37 14 Sep 2008

splatter, thanks, I found the boot menu with the delete button.
Fruit Bat, you were right, it's not the memory. MEMTEST86 revealed no errors. Your link to microsoft support is not opening, will try it later and see what it suggests. What do you think about cleaning the registry and can one do it in safe mode?

  Charlie Brown 20:05 15 Sep 2008

Can a trojan or a virus do this?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:51 15 Sep 2008

Possible causes of this error may include the following:
• Hard disk damage
• General hardware configuration problems with the BIOS, the memory, the hard disk, or with other devices
• Incompatible device driver
• Incompatible software

Usually due (in my experience) to hat drive problems(run chkdsk) or driver problems (update / rollback drivers if you have just updated any)

  Charlie Brown 23:04 15 Sep 2008

Fruit Bat, I have run chkdsk. It ran in command prompt and closed without any messages. I presume that means the hard disk is OK.
I am trying to do an online scan offered by Kaspersky and Trendmicro, but I cannot get the page to open. I am in safe mode. Any suggestions. I keep getting the message that the page cannot be displayed.

  woodchip 23:11 15 Sep 2008

Is the CPU fan working as it should

  Charlie Brown 23:19 15 Sep 2008

Yes, it is. In the BIOS it says it is running at about 5000 rpm and the CPU temp is about 63 degrees C.

  woodchip 23:22 15 Sep 2008

63 what CPU? as it may not take much above that

  woodchip 23:23 15 Sep 2008

Me I would be looking at better CPU cooling

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