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BSOD problems, cant boot Laptop

  Amir Feruz Sero 23:22 15 Apr 2017

Before we start, i aplogize for copy/paste, i have posted about my misfortune on a couple of other forums but to no avail. Hoping it might help here.

BSOD memory management, can't start windows.

So once I started playing DAI I started having bsods from time to time. There were two different ones, first one was faulty hardware corrupted page, which left no impact on the system, then the last one is MEMORY_ MANAGEMENT. Today when I came home I've had DAI crash a couple of times since it's a really buggy game. Started to check for errors via origin. Got fed up waiting for 6 GB of "fix" to download, closed origin and ran dxdiag, dxdiag was all fine. Then ran memory ram diagnostics. Two tests later all was fine. Started playing battlefront and upon completion of a game the game froze, tried closing it through task manager I had another bsod. The reason is "memory management". Tried to boot laptop but it keeps booting endlessly with the windows 10 booting icon. Any help? Among all that, I've also had a strange error while playing the game back when I could still boot: [​IMG]

I've tried changing ram sticks to no avail. Only bios options are available. Otherwise one of the two happens: - Windows 10 loading icon loading endlessly -Windows 10 diagnoses my laptop endlessly.

My specs are: Eurocom shark 3 I5 4210m GTX 860m 2x4 2133/s Corsairs One hard drive Hitachi 500gb

There has been an update. Somehow I was able to get to the restore window and now it's easily accessible. However each time I try to boot I get a BSOD "critical process died" (see below). The troubleshoot couldn't detect any problems and system restore to an autosave 5 days prior couldn't be restored. Any tips?

click here 2: Tried to use sfc /scannow given that I have access to cmd through diagnostic page, the command gives me:

Tried reseting windows with removal of all files, it got to 3% and undid all the changes due to "problems"

Anyone got any ideas?

Post 2: So I did exactly just that, and the results scare me... Is there a way to find out which stick is malfunctioning? And could this be the only source of the problem? click here ram= click here you very much! I have found the bad stick. However windows 10 still gets the same critical process died BSOD. Ubuntu works fine (installed). Also, now that I'm running with only 4gb of ram, is it ok if I buy a new 4gb stick from a different brand? Mine is Corsair vengeance ddr3L 1866mb/s 1.35v, if I buy say a hyperX with ddr3L and 1600mb/s (my i5 supports up to 1600 anyway) which is also 1.35v, will my RAM work fine?

Addendum: SFC gives me this message(below). It used to tell me that there was some problem before I removed the bad ram stick, but now it different. click here only problem I'm still facing is that I can't boot windows 10. The bootable USB allows me to get to advanced boot options which I've already had access and install Windows, however to install a new windows and save data, I'll need the old windows to be running.

TL;DR: Still getting BSOD despite removing bad ram stick.

1]: [click here



Bad Thank The

  Amir Feruz Sero 23:36 15 Apr 2017

I apologize, im runing this from usb ubuntu with half my ram and everything's horrible slow so i may have some formatting issues.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:42 16 Apr 2017

Now you have found the bad memory stick you need to fix the BSOD “0x000000EF”

Sfc /scannow is the usual fix for this but as system restore and sfc are both not working I suggest you download and make a win 10 iso boot media.

Boot from the USB and use that to run sfc or even RESET (preferably keeping your data) the win 10 installation.

Memory will run at the slowest speed of the two sticks - I use the program on Crucial to find what memory is compatible.

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