BSOD Problems after reinstalling W7

  olyman 12:09 21 Oct 2015


I had to reinstall W7 after repeated BSOD shutdowns. It seemed to be OK for a while but after installing hundreds of windows critical updates the BSOD appeared again. A system restore got things working. I have gradually installed updates in batches until today I again got a BSOD. I can do another System Restore but will be left without a load of Critical Updates installed. I'll probably live with that but be extra vigilant. However the problem recurred after replacing MSE with AVG and I'm not sure if AVG is the problem! After the last crash Windows referred me to a temp file in AppData but since the reinstall I no longer have that showing. If I remember it used to have program data files that resided under Users. It also referred to dump files but they cant be opened. I have the Blue Screen View program which indicates that a driver ntkrnlpa.exe is the cause. Any suggestions?

  olyman 12:11 21 Oct 2015

Update! The AppData folder has mysteriously reappeared. Not that it tells me anything I can use.

  olyman 10:11 22 Oct 2015

No ideas anyone?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:48 22 Oct 2015

This Hotfix is supposed to sort that problem click here

  olyman 15:38 22 Oct 2015

Thanks Fruit Bat but have you got that link right? It doesn't seem to apply to this problem as it relates to a hibernation problem. I do have an external drive connected however.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:43 22 Oct 2015

its usually a Driver Ower stare problem

what exactly does it say on the BSOD ox000....?

  olyman 19:00 22 Oct 2015

The BSOD closes too quick to see an error code. Blue Screen View: 3 Parameters - 0x00000061 0x00000000 0x807c0120 Caused by ntkrnlpa.exe address ntkrnlpa.exe+dedd8 It hasn't crashed since I uninstalled AVG but MSE is taking ages to download updates.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:06 22 Oct 2015

MSE is a waste of time. Uninstall it and use Avira or Avast for a free antivirus.

  olyman 12:52 23 Oct 2015

The bad publicity about SE was why I 1nstalled AVG. I had used MSE for years without problems but I carried out a daily scan with Malwarebytes as well. I suspect my problems with W7 occurred after installing AVG and replaced it with MSE as a temporary measure. I'll investigate other free AVs once I complete my W7 Updates .

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