BSOD and Low fps issues. High-End Pc

  chucave 02:09 03 Apr 2015

Hi guys! My name is Frank. I built my pc last year, and upgraded my GPU recently. Here is my build: Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 motherboard Hyperx fury 1x8gb Amd FX 8350 PNY GTX 780 TI OC (I think its OC) Corsaire 500W Powersupply

Disclaimer: I have decent fps according to benchmark based on my build. I can provide further proof if needed, I'm willing to try anything that seems reasonable and feasible suggested by you guys! happy

I currently have 2 different issues: When I play league of legends, regardless of settings, I get decent fps (100-150 ish) which is kind of low, and it drops almost every game below 60, sometimes below 40, at certain point, when fights are going on. I have tested with HWMonitor, and my cpu/gpu arent fully running when it happens, and nothing is overheating either (in the 35-40 degrees Celcius). I have tried a tons of things, reinstalling, and such, nothing seems to fix it.

Second issue: When I go into bios (click here and use performance mode, my pc will inevitably blue screen within 10 minutes usage, with no overheat or anything, with clockWatchdogtimout or WHEAuncorrectableerror (these are the most common, about 95% of the time).

Note: it does the same thing if i have 2 bars of ram inserted, no matter which bars/slots

I'm currently considering changing CPU to i7-4790k and my motherboard to fit it, which represents roughly 600$ Can. If anyone of you guys can help me fix my problems and avoid these purchases, god damn, it'd save me a lot of trouble/money, and I'm definately looking forward to pay back!

  chucave 02:32 03 Apr 2015

Sorry for bad formatting. click here Here is the link above.

  chucave 02:33 03 Apr 2015 P8Z77-V Pro BIOS 01 - EZ Mode.png After 3 times, I got it

  nickf 11:26 03 Apr 2015

I would say that your problem may well be PSU related . You will need to double check , but I don't think a 500W psu is man enough for your set up with a 780Ti . I would either replace pus or go for a GTX 970

  chucave 17:07 03 Apr 2015

I doubt its psu, I had same issue with a radeon HD 7870

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