BSOD and flickering lines

  Adezzz 19:31 29 Dec 2008

My PC keeps going to BSOD and when I reboot there a lots of flickering lines across the screen as it boots. It'lll sometime get to windows but it won't last long if it does before BSOD again.

I went into safe mode and uninstalled the graphic drivers and rebooted. I installed a freshly downloaded set of drivers from NVIDIA and rebooted. It seemed fine but after a couple of hours it crashed to BSOD again.

At the moment I'm scraping by without any drivers and its running ok apart from not being able to run any graphic based stuff.

I hadn't changed anything on the PC before this started happening.

Can anyone help?

PC spec:
AMD 3200 XP
512mb RAM
256mb NVIDIA GT6800
200gb HDD

  brundle 19:34 29 Dec 2008

Failing or under-performing power supply, overheating graphics card, inside of the PC needs a clean-up and cables reseating..a few things to look into..

  brundle 19:35 29 Dec 2008

Faulty RAM is a possibility too but you'd see more generalised errors and crashes

  MAT ALAN 19:38 29 Dec 2008

Have you tried another monitor as part of a process of elimination...

VGA card could be under powered, is a seperate power supply connected to it from your PSU...

If that is the case it could be the PSU breaking down, so a few things to work on...

  Adezzz 19:39 29 Dec 2008

I think this definately a graphic based problem.

What temp should the graphic card be running at?

  Adezzz 19:42 29 Dec 2008

No seperate power supply, just the main one in the PC.

Not tried another monitor as I thought the BSOD would be caused by hardware inside the PC or software

  MAT ALAN 19:43 29 Dec 2008

Core temps 70-78C in game and 59-60 idle. these are O/C figures so anything below that...

  MAT ALAN 19:45 29 Dec 2008

may not be cause but could be additional issue as card is not powered direct from PSU...

  brundle 19:47 29 Dec 2008

Hard to track down definite advice on that front. The drivers often provide temperature monitoring and control, not much good to you if you're running without them I know but here's a link anyway...

click here

  Adezzz 19:54 29 Dec 2008

Thanks. I'll reinstall the drivers and tune it, see if that helps.

  Adezzz 20:14 29 Dec 2008

well i tried installing the drivers again and when rebooted there were loads of lines across the screen again.

It didnt get to windows, the monitor power save appeared on screen.

I've uninstalled them again in safe mode.

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