BSOD DVD/CD burning

  Taw® 15:04 13 Jan 2006

I recently installed a new DVD writer, but whe writing disks it gives me a BSOD, sometimes it is when nearing the end of the burn, others just as the burn finishes. I am on XPPro with 512 ram the dvdwr is cibox 16x the error messages are

Source System error
Event ID 1003
Error code 1000008e, parameter1 c0000005, parameter2 8054b18f, parameter3 b257682c, parameter4 00000000.

Source atapi
Event ID 11
The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort0.

  Taw® 19:03 13 Jan 2006


  Biotech 21:24 13 Jan 2006

Could it be a loose/faulty IDE cable, is the master/slave setting correct

  Biotech 21:30 13 Jan 2006

Also check you have DMA and not P10 enabled on your drive if possible

  Taw® 11:48 14 Jan 2006

Biotech thanks for that I will give the cable a check , where do I find out whether it is set DMA or P10?

  Biotech 12:00 14 Jan 2006

Control panel\System\Hardware\Device manager, click on ide controllers to expand then right click and select properties\Advanced settings.

  Biotech 12:28 14 Jan 2006

Which software are you using to do your burning?

  Taw® 12:50 14 Jan 2006

I was using nero suite but I also tried cd creator and the XP own recorder. I was able to copy some music with no problem, but it was only a small file, but the problem seemed to arise when copying my photos, size was around 400MB the first time I got the BSOD when it was almost complete, and the second time it actually completed the copy before the BSOD

  €dstowe 13:00 14 Jan 2006

Have you Gooooooogled the event IDs?

click here;EN-US;325947

click here

  Taw® 15:53 14 Jan 2006

€dstowe cheers for that. After reading it and the earlier response looks as if the cabling may be an avenue to explore. I wont get doing that until next week, so I'll hold of ticking this till then

  ashdav 16:12 14 Jan 2006

try writing at a slower speed.

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