BSOD due to removal of Service Pack 2 files.

  jamesy74 09:51 27 Apr 2005

Hi, hope someone can help.

After 6 months of constant pop ups I finally decided to install Service Pack 2. After installation my computer wouldn't connect to the internet and it was running a lot slower. Anyway i just uninstalled SP2 and everything was back to normal.

Last night I was in add/remove and was uninstalling a few programs and I noticed a few SP2 files (Hotfix type). I think I got to unistalling the 3rd file and the BSOD appeared. Restarted the system but the BSOD just kept on appearing the error was with the mrxsmb.sys file.

As I couldn't connect to the internet I telephoned the PCA help line and was informed that it was a windows component I was advised to insert my reload cd (originally came with my machine) and see if I can reinstall XP.

I inserted the cd and it informed me that it would format the HD, I was informed by the helpline not to proceed and to phone them back.

After speaking to the PCA advisor a second time all he could recommend was to use the reload cd and hopefully that will work. The only problem that we both brought up was that if it didn't work it would be due to me having a different mobo that came when I originally purchased machine.

I loaded the reload cd and it performed the restore to factory settings, after restarting the machine it provided me with a message from windows saying that windows couldn't start I started windows normally and it came up with another BSOD.

The unit I have at the moment is a new one, the only original components are the CPU, floppy drive and cd rom drive.

The original pc was purchased from Time Computers and the reload cd was a Time one also. I noticed when it was performing the reload it said at the bottom 'loading partition'.

Anyway will I have to install a new HD and purchase a new copy of XP Home.

My friend done the upgrade for me but don't know how he set the unit up.

Forgot to mention I tried to go into to safe mode and restore from there, but no luck.

Thank you.

  ventanas 11:04 27 Apr 2005

The Recovery Disc will probably be a ghosted image of your original installation, containing all the drivers etc for the components that came with the pc. It will be useless if you change any of these, as you have found out.

You should not need a new HDD though, but as you say you will need an XP cd. Use the cd to format the drive and install XP. Hopefully all the components you have will be supported. But you will not now be able to indentify them. If its any consolation I have only ever had problems with modem drivers when installing XP, and I've done it more times than I care to remember.

  jamesy74 11:31 27 Apr 2005

Yeah thanks for the reply Ventanas. Just need to borrow a version of xp home so that I can get it re-installed. Am I correct in saying that when I get a copy of xp, when I insert the disc it will automatically format the HD and install XP.

Many thanks.

  Indigo 1 11:36 27 Apr 2005

This would solve your problems click here

  ventanas 11:55 27 Apr 2005

You cannot "borrow" a copy of XP. You must buy one. It must also be the full version, an upgrade will not work. A borrowed disc will have already been activated, so also will not work. It is also illegal. The CD shown on the link given by Indigo 1 is also illegal. It is a Dell OEM cd. Dell are aware of it because I have just been in touch with my contact there and told them about it.

  Pooke100 12:07 27 Apr 2005


  Pooke100 12:07 27 Apr 2005


  Pooke100 12:08 27 Apr 2005

That link is a waste of money, he'll need a liscensed copy of XP. He has two options buy some hardware and get an OEM version, or buy Retail.

  Indigo 1 12:18 27 Apr 2005

I didn't read it very carefully did I ?

I would not recommend that you buy an illegal version of XP, sorry if you got the wrong message.

I was only trying to point out that if you look around on Ebay you can find good bargains.

  jamesy74 13:28 27 Apr 2005


I have a product key, so all i'm wanting to do is reinstall and use my product key.

So because i have changed my mobo my copy of xp is no good even though I have paid for it.

Basically when you buy a machine from a company like PC Worl you cant upgrade unless you go through them. What happens after 1 year warranty runs out?

One of the biggest scams ever with regards to PC purchase I think.

At the end of the day if I never installed SP2 I wouldn't have this problem. Maybe I should have not deleted the 'hotfix files' but I think microsaoft are to blame also, especially not even letting me go into safe mode and using their system recovery tool.

Many thanks anyway people.

Ventanas what does OEM stand for and what does it mean?

  Stuartli 13:36 27 Apr 2005

OEM in this case means Original Equipment Manufacture and that a copy of XP (normally that supplied on a new machine) will only have support and backup from the seller and not Microsoft.

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