BSOD on Dell xps13 - no display at all

  john bunyan 18:14 12 Jun 2018

Newish Dell XPS 13 . Turns on but no sign of any display -,totally black . In warranty but too late to phone Dell UK support. External display not working. Have premium support but any tips in the meantime?

  john bunyan 10:53 14 Jun 2018


Good News: Managed to speak to a Dell Tecchie in Bangalore. I had my desktop on and available to switch laptop to external monitor. He went through a series of keyboard combinations as diagnostic checks, during one of which the laptop screen flashed blue, green, bed, black, white in turn (I guess proving it is not the screen). At the end of the tests he concluded it was a faulty motherboard and said there have been other reports on this model. He promised an on site repair at my house as it is in warranty and I bought the premium service too.

Bad News:

There are no immediate replacements , so a "short" delay will ensue while the correct motherboard comes from origin ? China?. I hope it will be in a few days but suspect a lot longer. He said it will not affect my SSD hard drive or contents. Good job I have this desktop and an iPhone for e mail. Had this new, shiny expensive laptop been essential for a business I would have been in deep mire. Will update from time to time.

  john bunyan 11:20 14 Jun 2018

Also I Googled and this is not an unknown fault , maybe exacerbated by leaving the charger on. I did my homework before buying this laptop, including reviews on this site, thinking thus was the "best" in its category!!Even FE praised the improvement in Dell when I was worried about reliability

  john bunyan 14:00 14 Jun 2018

Now exchanged e mails with Dell pointing out that had I bought from a shop I would be entitled to an immediate replacement. I have said I may insist on this if the repair is delayed or unsatisfactory. Never had problems with old IBM Think Pad or several Toshiba Satellites. Some say Dell is going down the Apple route of making repairs difficult and expensive. My repair man says Dell does not supply motherboards etc to private repairers and quotes very high out of warranty repair prices if done by Dell.

  john bunyan 17:14 15 Jun 2018

Update 1. Following my e mail they are sending a replacement PC. Only annoyance is my lifetime licence for MBAM Premium and Photoshop CS5 are on it and I will have to find how to unregister the dead PC as the licences can’t be used on more than one PC and I have no access to unregister. Also there is a “10 working days” delay and days of work to set up the new PC. Thank goodness for my desktop but Dell may not be my next choice in spite of it being so highly praised in magazines etc Also I have updated copies of all my data on external HDD and my e Mail is imap so comes on phone, desktop also

  john bunyan 07:28 16 Jun 2018


Thanks; I started another thread to cover other issues but will follow up your suggestions on MBAM.

  john bunyan 20:26 28 Jun 2018

Broken laptop being collected on Monday. Replacement left factory in China; suspect delivery end of next week, ie 3 weeks after confirming motherboard failure. Luckily I have an I phone and a desktop but someone relying on a sole, expensive, laptop would be in trouble. Maybe magazines like ours could conduct a reliability study a few months after a new PC product launch. This model got a top rating in reviews.

  john bunyan 18:38 30 Jun 2018

I do not understand the last post. Anyway it is being collected on Monday by Dell

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:02 30 Jun 2018

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