BSOD Bad_Pool_Caller

  yabadabado 11:41 01 May 2006

Suddenly started gettin this BSOD with the folloing numbers:
0x000000c2 0x00000007 0x0206000f 0x821596a8

Had a quick google and most posts point to changes in hardware or drivers. I havent done either for about 3 months and the prob only happened twice today.

There was also a post abuot 2 cd burning softwares being installed- again there have been no issues with this since i installed both ( more then 3 months).

Only thing i did yesterday that i hadnt done for a while is use DVD shrink ( which i have done previously without problems)...

any ideas as to the cause?

  AndySD 11:46 01 May 2006

Try reinstalling your printer drivers.

  yabadabado 11:48 01 May 2006

have now removed a shared printer ( which isnt on the network anymore anyway).

Gor Adobe and Macromedia printers and microfost image writer ( ie no more actual printers). Should i get rid of these too?

  AndySD 11:51 01 May 2006

No they should be fine.

  yabadabado 11:53 01 May 2006

k that case all i can do now is wait!

cheers for your help!

  AndySD 11:56 01 May 2006

Fingers crossed, if not we can look at something else.

  yabadabado 13:28 04 May 2006

Seems it didnt work, or it worked but another error has taken its place.

Woke up on tues and wed to blue screens, didnt manage to get ther numbers tho.
Same happened this morning number is
0x000000c2 0x00000007 0x00000cd4 0x02060001 0x81f05720

and again later this afternoon with

0x000000c2 0x00000007 0x00000cd4 0x02060001 0x82109300

any ideas? dnt wanna have to reinstall windows right now ( in the middle of exam season) but i need to be able to use the pc!

  tarkus 13:56 04 May 2006

have you tried removing the memory chips and then reseating them as Bad_Pool_Caller errors are quiet often memory related, also check the cpu fan is running and that the cooler is not clogged up with dust and other debris,worth doing a system restore (if your using win xp) to a couple of days before errors started, you never know it could be an update thats caused the problem

  yabadabado 14:17 04 May 2006

Will check the ram- did have one stick replaced by crucial in feb cos it went bad but will remove and check. Also i recently removed the fan from the cooler and cleaned up ( left the heatsink on) so all clean but again will check.
will see how it goes and post back in a few days.

  yabadabado 09:28 05 May 2006

didnt get a chance to check the memory ( will run memtest over night) but this morning got the error:
(0x00000007 0x00000cd4 0x02060001 0x81f5bcd8)
Seems like a diff code every time could it be a bad stick of RAM?

  yabadabado 10:17 08 May 2006

Reseated ( infact swaped the two sticks around) on friday night. Everything went fine until this morning ( monday) when got blue screen again!
numbers are again different...
0x00000007 0x00000cd4 0x02060001 0x82a16e10

Could this be a bad memory module? only the 0x82a16e10 has changed from the last error (is this a memory address in RAM?)

Also fan on my graphics card started to die!
Lets hope PNY sort it out quick!

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