BSOD with Ati 2600XT and Vista 32bit - Help?

  wyatt earp 13:00 06 Sep 2007

Hi everyone, can you help with this situation?

I have just built the following pc - Vista 32bit, intel core 2 quad(q6600 b3), Sapphire 2600XT 256MB, Antec earthwatts 500w psu, 2GB RAM (corsair twin2X2048-6400 ddr2 800mhz), sataII 160gb with the OS on it, sataII 500gb partioned to 2X 250gb ish, NEC optiarc ad-7170s sata dvd burner. The bios is 2004. I run the sata drives as AHCI drives and i think they are set right in the bios?

Everything boots up ok, i have the latest intel chipset drivers etc. and the pc is very fast etc. as you would expect - this is whilst running on the default vga adaptor.

My problem is after i have loaded the latest ATI catalyst driver set from ATI (Catalyst™ 7.8 Display Driver for Windows Vista (32 bit) the pc boots and soon after vista has loaded it will blue screen. When it's restarted Vista reports a problem with the video driver. Sometimes it will stay stable until i try to take the card from 600x800 res to the correct one and then it fails as before.

As far as i am concerned i have the mobo running correctly i.e.not overclocked or anything.

Can anyone with perhaps a similar setup offer me anything to try?

  A-Nonymous 13:03 06 Sep 2007

Are there any other drivers you can get for your gfx card? It looks as if your drivers arent correct.

  wyatt earp 13:05 06 Sep 2007

Thanks for the message.

I have to go back to work now but i will look for other drivers and follow up any other posts after 6:00 pm tonight.


  A-Nonymous 13:06 06 Sep 2007

Ok. I will try and have a look for some drivers for your gfx card.

  wyatt earp 13:30 06 Sep 2007

The mobo is an asus p5 wh deluxe. The memory timings have been set manually and it's running at ddr800. Corsair have checked the memory timings and confirmed they are correct.

The graphics card is a pci express type.

Back at work now so can't really monitor this until 6:00pm ish


  A-Nonymous 13:35 06 Sep 2007

So far no luck. I cannot seem to find a driver online whatsoever. Will keep looking. I am pretty sure it is a problem with the driver as it works OK with the default driver with Vista.

I am suspecting this is another problem with Vistas lack of drivers. The driver you have got probably is only for XP, which is probably why Vista shows a driver error.

  woodchip 14:00 06 Sep 2007

Both Ati and Nvidea are having Problems with VISTA. This is one of the Problems of this so called better OS

  wyatt earp 19:36 06 Sep 2007

The pc still crashes around or soon after the welcome screen appears. I disabled the auto restart so i could see the stop error.

It is atikmdag.sys

I have no alternative psu although i feel this one should be powerful enough?

Can any of you guys offer me any ideas?

I have the offending pc alongside me for things to try!!


  User-312386 20:14 06 Sep 2007

click here and download the NGO ATI Optimized Driver v1.7.3

Its a beta driver but could solve the problem

  wyatt earp 20:19 06 Sep 2007

It does not appear to be for Vista!

  User-312386 20:52 06 Sep 2007

Sorry here it is click here

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