Browsing History not deleting

  Yimbo 18:01 26 Apr 2014

I'm using XP home - IE8 with Google. On the tools> IE> options>, when I press delete, the box appears, "please wait till browsing history is deleted" The deleting process looks as if it's taking place - but it just goes on and on, but no actual deleting happens.

  spuds 18:28 26 Apr 2014

If you have CCleaner on your machine, then run that and see what happens?.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:36 26 Apr 2014

Yimbo, in IE's Internet Options "Browsing History" section, click the "Settings" button. What value is in the "Disk space to use" section?

  Yimbo 14:22 27 Apr 2014

Thanks for your replies!

Secret-Squirrel - - Disc space to use is set at (the recommended) 50.

Spuds - - "Run CCleaner and see what happens" What DOES happen? I'm not sure whether CCleaner will delete files etc without asking first! Is there a "help" page? I don't see it!

  spuds 15:07 27 Apr 2014

Yimbo - If you do a sweep with CCleaner, it should clear your browser history, which is what I thought you wanted to do?.

  Yimbo 16:24 27 Apr 2014

Thanks, Spuds, I do want the browsing history deleted - but how do I ensure that CCleaner does not delete anything else without me knowing about it beforehand? And why isn't IE doing this using the normal procedure?

  Secret-Squirrel 17:37 27 Apr 2014

"Secret-Squirrel - - Disc space to use is set at (the recommended) 50."

That's OK then. I've seen a couple of computers where the "disk space to use" was set to 2GB and deleting the history took many hours to complete.

When you see the "please wait till browsing history is deleted" message, does the computer's hard-drive activity light remain on constantly to indicate it's very busy doing something? If it is then it's just possible that for some strange reason there are loads of temporary Internet files in your history so leave it running overnight and hopefully you'll find it's finished in the morning.

  Yimbo 18:05 27 Apr 2014

Thanks, Secret-Squirrel. I'll try leaving it on overnoght and see what happens! Where do I find the hard drive activity light? Also, would it help to increase the value of "disc space to use"? 50 is the lowest recommended value, but it could be much higher and still be "recommended"!

I don't think I've got a huge load of temporary internet files awaiting deletion - - but you never know!!

I appreciate all your patience and help!

  Secret-Squirrel 18:12 27 Apr 2014

"Where do I find the hard drive activity light?"

It'll be a small LED probably on the front of your computer that flashes when the hard drive's busy doing something. It's likely to be near to the power LED. However, I've noticed that on some modern laptops they've done away with this light. If you have a desktop PC then you should have one. If you want specific advice then post the make and model number of your computer and I'll try to find the answer.

  spuds 18:16 27 Apr 2014

The hard-drive activity light is usually a red LED light at the front of the case, that's flashing on and off, when the computer (hard-drive) is in use.

You should also have a blue or green light LED type light that remains stationary lit, when power to the computer is on.

  spuds 18:17 27 Apr 2014

My typing must get faster. S-S beat me to it :O)

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