Browsing folders and "My computer" locks up

  andy625 12:47 12 May 2006

I have a work pc 1.7ghz with 768Mb ram running xp. Its just been reformatted by our "IT" guy, and now when I open "My Computer" and browse to our network to open a folder, I get to about 2 folders deep and suddenly the window freezes. The mouse curser still moves but if you keep trying to click on the folder you're trying to open it comes up as "not responding". If you leave it for a couple of mins it will start working again and carry on as normal.

While I'm waiting for the muppet to fit me in to his "very busy schedule", can anyone offer any ideas as to whats happening? It doesn't happen everytime I open my compuer, but approx 8 out of ten. Doesn't happen from within applications, and doesn't make any difference how I get to my computer ie windows button-e, desktop, start menu etc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:47 12 May 2006

you don't say what op system but assuming XP try:-

Start - Run - type sfc /scannow - OK

(watch the space after sfc)

XP should scan for and replace missing /corrupt system and explorer files.

  andy625 13:56 12 May 2006

Thanks. Yes it is XP. I'll try that and let you know what happens.

  andy625 14:06 12 May 2006

Ran it, dos window flashed up for a millisec then went.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have helped.

When it locks, if you try and close the window, it says not responding etc etc. When window goes, taskbar at bottom of screen also goes, then slowly comes back with the tray icons popping up one at a time. In the meantime whatever application you had open continues to work ok. Its very weird!

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