Browser(s) keep freezing

  Halmer 19:27 20 Sep 2008

I've used Firefox for ages on my wireless notebook but it's developed a problem whereby after about 15 minutes it just stops working and I get a blank page. Sometimes but not always this coincides with a 'limited connectivity' message. I downloaded Opera to test and the same happens to this as well as IE.

I've tried system restore to no avail and reinstalled the wireless card driver.

Once it happens I can only turn the PC off by holding down the power button as it wont respond to Start/Shut Down and yet other programs such as Excel and Word continue to work.

Can anyone help me please. It's Vista.

  rdave13 19:34 20 Sep 2008

Try running check disk to see if harddrive ok.
click here

  baldydave 19:39 20 Sep 2008

go into power settings in control panel and make sure nothing is closing down/going into standby also try rebooting router

  Halmer 07:57 21 Sep 2008

will try both and report back.

  Halmer 09:30 21 Sep 2008

Same thing happened after five minutes this morning.

Firefox just stopped. I closed it but when I tried to reopen FF got a message something along the lines 'Firefox is still running but not responding you need to close the process' or something similar.

I tried to close FF through task manager/ processes but it wouldn't close so I went to Start/Shut Down. It got to the 'shutting down' bit but got stuck so I had to hit the power button for five seconds to get it to close down.

The only significant thing that I can remember doing in the last month or so is loading the new version of Zone Alarm so I'm going to disable this and use the Vista one for a bit to eliminate ZA.

Any other suggestions welcome please.

  Halmer 09:44 21 Sep 2008

so I've uninstalled FF and am trying IE7 to see if that works ok.

  Halmer 16:23 21 Sep 2008

part way though use.

Is there some sort of common 'platform' that they all use that might be failing for some reason?

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