surfer47 16:45 01 Mar 2010

Today I received notification from Microsoft advising I can download browsers other that IE. While i would like to try one of them e.g.Firefox, I would not like to lose IE8 until I was sure so could I download firefox but use it as an optional browser?

  peter99co 17:13 01 Mar 2010
  birdface 17:15 01 Mar 2010

Refuse the Microsoft update and download Firefox from here.

click here

I use both IE/8 and Firefox.

  GaT7 17:41 01 Mar 2010

You can see what the Browser Choice Screen Update looks like & the various browsers offered without installing it by following this link click here. G

  rawprawn 17:42 01 Mar 2010

Listen to buteman, that is the way to go. If you download the "Update" from MS you cannot uninstall it. Several members have complained, this is all part of the EU Beurocracy to make MS toe the line and is of no help whatsoever.

  GaT7 17:50 01 Mar 2010

"If you download the "Update" from MS you cannot uninstall it."

At the same time it does no harm being installed. It only becomes 'active' if one chooses to click on one or more of the browser install options.

To stop it from offering its screen every time Windows boots, then all one has to do is unselect it from Windows Startup. G

  rawprawn 18:10 01 Mar 2010

Hi Crossbow7, I agree but unless you are computer savvy, and stop it loading in msconfig (or start Up)you are stuck with it in the system tray.
In my opinion better not to install it, all browsers are available on the web with no extra programs installed.

  surfer47 22:11 01 Mar 2010

If I downloaded Firefox would I have the option to prevent it being the default browser, in other word I could use Firefox as and when I wanted?

  lotvic 22:17 01 Mar 2010

Yes you can.
You can have any number of different browsers installed and use them as you wish.

I have Firefox and Internet Explorer and sometimes have both open at same time

  Woolwell 23:31 01 Mar 2010

Don't ask why but I have 4 different browsers on my system without any problems at all. In my case Firefox is the default browser. When you download Firefox make sure to tell it not to be the default browser and you'll keep IE8 as your default. You can easily change between the defaults if required.

  surfer47 22:20 06 Mar 2010

Thanks for all that, it was very helpful

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