BrowserChoice is on my start system tray all time.

  prince midas 15:58 28 Feb 2010

I have intalled the brower choice update by mistake and although I have revoved it,it still sits in my system tray and askes me to install it.How do I stop it from appearing.

  Sea Urchin 16:18 28 Feb 2010

You cannot remove it from your system - it's one of Microsoft's permanent updates.

  EARLR 21:04 28 Feb 2010

Good luck

  northumbria61 21:12 28 Feb 2010

It is an update which is "locked in" and cannot be removed. I think it was forced upon Microsoft by the EU Commission to offer this choice. I don't have MS Updates set to Automatic - they download but I choose what to install - having read about it I chose not to install it. Maybe you could do a "system restore" and then reinstall any that may have been removed during that process.

  peter99co 21:32 28 Feb 2010

I let it make the offer and the closed it without making a choice . It is now a shortcut icon on my desktop in case I need it in future.

  six-h 21:35 28 Feb 2010

Lotvic's solution worked for me on my Vista machine, Disable it in "msconfig" startup tab, then shift delete the Icon from the desktop...gone!

  woodchip 21:48 28 Feb 2010

Me same, I do updates Manually. So I did not load it

  prince midas 10:44 01 Mar 2010

I think I have got rid of it.
Looking at the msconfig it shows the words computor browser with a tick to it & nothing else.Is this now correct and as the browserchoice gone?

  birdface 12:15 01 Mar 2010

No it will still be on your computer somewhere But it will no longer run at start up.

  T0SH 16:24 01 Mar 2010

From what I have seen it gets installed as a "Run Once" option in the registry so if you allow it to load and go through the process but change nothing then close it out it should appear no more at startup

Cheers HC

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