Browser window not sizing properly.

  timoth 15:40 18 Nov 2004

Whenever I Right-hand click a web-link, i now get, instead of a full size page, a 3 - 4" bar with the webpage which i have to maximise each time. This is the normal blue top edge of the explorer browser...but it gets on my nerves having to alter size each time. Any suggestions? It first happened when i had diffs. loading photos. onto Ebay site. cheers, timo

  Jackcoms 15:44 18 Nov 2004

Try this.

You can change the window size at opening by doing the following:
Close any open IE windows.
Open IE, right click on a link in the page you opened, and select Open in New Window from the context menu.
Resize the new window to the size you want all IE windows to be when you open them by clicking a link.
Hold down the Shift key and click the Close icon (X) at the top right of the window to close the new window.
Resize the first window you opened to the size you want IE to be when you launch the browser. Close it by holding down Shift and clicking the Close icon.
Now your IE windows should open in the sizes you've set, depending on how you open the browser (from a link or by clicking the IE icon to launch the browser).

  timoth 16:00 18 Nov 2004

Thxs. for suggestions, i shall rush back and try all that is said. I feared Ie.browser had been re-programmed...but hopefully the resizing is no more than a hiccup! cheers, timo PS launching IE is Ok for sizing,ie. full screen. It is just on RH clicking that window size is miniscule/non-existent - but i have prob. said that already.

  conrail 16:26 18 Nov 2004

thanks Jackcoms, this also has happened to me, posting this so I can put it in my postings as a quick reference

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