Browser redirection, upon form submission

  Matat Tongü 18:41 06 Sep 2003

I am building a personal website which I intend to offer for sending SMSes to mobile phones. These SMSes are submitted as froms to a "php" script on a server. From the server the SMSes then find their way to the respective mobile phones.

The code tag I use for submission is something like this:

form name="form_name" method=POST action="click here">

This works well, except for one thing: I am unable to specify a confirmation page.
The trouble seems to be that the server script is the one redirecting the web browser to the next page, after an SMS form is submited. And there is no way I can access the server script; so I am in no position to modify it.

Is there anyway I can modify the above code tag so that I can specify my own confirmation page which the web browser goes to after an SMS form has been submitted?

Someone out there help.

  sciguyryan 18:47 06 Sep 2003

<form .... onsubmit="window.location='click here'">

  Matat Tongü 18:50 06 Sep 2003

The code tag format is as follows:

<form name="form_name" method=POST action="url(IP address)/script.php">

That link at the end was just autoformatted to look like that; that I not what I intended.
It wont take you any where anyway, thanks.

  Matat Tongü 19:23 06 Sep 2003

The code worked just the same way, no change yet.

  harristweed 10:14 07 Sep 2003

Why not put the confirm message on /script.php

you could also then have a 'SMS not sent' message on error

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