Browser Problems -Please Help (IE & Firefox)

  Rich 3570 19:55 16 Mar 2006

Internet Explorer, recently soom websites such as google and ebay, the websites, especially the text seems to be "zoomed in", limitimg what area can be seen and more disturbingly just doesn't look right. This is only recent and I havn't changed any settings, so I'm hoping that someone may be able to come up with a simple answer.

FireFox, a more long standing problem (which coupled with the above makes life difficult) this browser (my prefered) crashes whenever anything is typed into the main window (eg a google search or entering passwords), however typiing in the address bar or normal browsing via the tabs is no problem. Also the crashing occurs if anything is pasted into the main window. I have unistalled and reinstalled firefox several times, but the problem persists. The probable reason for this approach not working is the extra files that firefox doesn't delete. Each time i reinstall all my saved tabs (bookmarks) are recovered, so not all od firefox is being wiped. I have had a computer guy look at this prob but even he couldn't remove/find all the hidden firefox files.

Any help in either of these matters would be greatly appreciated.

  VoG II 20:01 16 Mar 2006

In IE, View > Text size or if you have a wheel mouse, hold down CTRL and rotate the wheel.

  Rich 3570 20:02 16 Mar 2006

thankyou so much I thought it may be something simple.

  skidzy 20:07 16 Mar 2006

Cheers Vog for the tip and Rich 3570 for starting this thread.
Very handy tip using the mouse and CTRL.

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