Browser problem

  Chas49 22:56 01 Jan 2010

I am using Windows 7 OS and have a problem - alsmost certainly caused by something I did when I copied the PC Advisor address across from the address bar in Firefox 3.5.6 to the line beneath so that a simple click would get me to this site faster.

Now, when I click on that link PC Advisor appears in the left hand column of the browser leaving the home page on the larger right hand side. Clicking a link of that abbreviated PC Advisor makes the site appear on the right and you have to delete that in the leftg, whereupon the whole of page is shown properly.

A trivial problem, but annoying nevertheless!

  Technotiger 23:09 01 Jan 2010

I don't have Win 7, but perhaps you could do a System Restore back to before you made that change.

  Chas49 23:10 01 Jan 2010

I thought that I would delete the link that I had copied across to the line beneath the address bar and then make the link a second time. It appears that my thinking that I had done something to cause the problem was correct. The deletion and then the remake has solved the problem I'm glad to say.

May I wish a belated 'Happy New Yaer' to all forumn members.

  Chas49 23:12 01 Jan 2010

As you see that my dabbling undid the first dabble!!!

Thanks for quick answer, very good of you.

  Chas49 23:13 01 Jan 2010

Apologies for the spelling errors - my sight is getting worse than ever!

  Technotiger 23:16 01 Jan 2010

OK - glad you sorted it - Happy New Year.

  Devil Fish 23:20 01 Jan 2010

you may have activated side bar go to view at top of browser then sidebar sidebar click arrow to see if bookmarks or history is checked if so remove the check

i just have the site in bookmarks right click anywhere on page then select bookmark then click ok

  Chas49 13:54 02 Jan 2010

Thanks Devil Fish.

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