Browser Problem?

  Aaaarrrggghhh 15:13 04 Mar 2004

I'm not quite sure what is wrong with my system, i think it might be a browser problem, anyway I'll describe it and hopefully somebody here can tell me. When I'm on the internet all currency marks such as the dollar sign or the pound sign come up as a question mark, I cannot bid on ebay as when i send a bid it sends it with a question mark instead of a pound sign, and when I view most websites it muddles up the page with various HTML tags.

I'm not sure what could be causing this problem but it started about 2 month after I bought my new system, it is a Hewlett Packard system with 2.4GHz intel Celeron processor, 256MB DDR RAM, Intergrated graphics, Windows XP Home, using AOL Broadband with a BT Voyager USB modem. I'd appreciate any help you can provide and I thank you in advance for any help provided.

  anon1 15:39 04 Mar 2004

Check the default language of your system and the keyboard. You may have changed it without realising it ( control panel regional and language options).

  Aaaarrrggghhh 16:01 04 Mar 2004

Thanks for stopping by to help anon1 unfortunately it didn't work, the lanquage was set to 'english united kingdom' I also deleted all other languages installed on my computer, like I can read Korean anyway lol. I then restarted my computer but the problems still the same, also every now and then my keyboard resets to 'english us' even though that language isn't installed on my system could this be part of what is wrong?

  anon1 16:24 04 Mar 2004

Open ie click tools/internet options then general at the bottom is the languages option see what you have in there.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:31 04 Mar 2004

*could* be a missing font... A repair of IE *may* help.

click here

  Aaaarrrggghhh 16:34 04 Mar 2004

All I've got in there is English (United kingdom) [en-gb] theres no other languages at all in there but thanks for trying :)

  holly polly 16:53 04 Mar 2004

goto keyword securefix and then reboot when prompted ,check if still have problem -post back if you do - hol pol ....

  holly polly 16:56 04 Mar 2004

does the same problems apply with internet exporer?-hol pol...
its just that i'm on aol and a right sod it is too ,i either use ie or better still opera,,bet your getting the runtime errors too -do you wish to debug -hol pol...

  Aaaarrrggghhh 17:30 04 Mar 2004

Diodorus Siculus couldn't get that to work, it ran a program then just stopped and I'm not sure what it did lol.

holly polly did that but its all the same, it did wipe my modem out though, never mind scared me for a minute though lol. Yep it is all the same on AOL and IE, I can't find anything about anyone having the same problems so if I have discovered this I want it named after me, lol.

I'm not sure if I'll ever get it sorted though, :(

  anon1 19:22 04 Mar 2004

Try the microsoft newsgroups some of the mvp's on there are really good. You could try xp help or internet explorer groups

  Aaaarrrggghhh 21:07 04 Mar 2004

ok thanks anon1 I'll try over there.

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