L1 LLY 12:32 28 Jun 2005

i am running windows xp home edition .. on my log in i am getting the following message .. IBIS toolbar adware is trying to install .. & on my sons log in he is getting .. coolweb search browser modifier is trying to install .. microsoft antispyware removes them after warning me but they are back the next time we boot up .. also on my sons log in only he gets the following message .. RUNDLL error loading nview.dll the specified module could not be found .. i havent a clue what is going on so please help & in english as i dont have much of a clue over this computer stuff .. thank you

  Tenacious Green 12:56 28 Jun 2005

OK, The first issue is a spyware is issue as you suggested. MS Anti-spyware is getting rid, but I suspect due to System restore function of Windows it returns on next boot up. To get rid for good you need to switch off system restore, run MS Antispyware, then restart your PC and then switch system retsore back on. All restore points will be lost though, but that cannot be helped. To switch off system restore Select START > CONTROL PANEL > PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE > SYSTEM, Then click the sytem restore tab and check the switch off sytem retsore box. Make sure you switch it back on after re-booting.

The second issue sound like a corrupt or missing dll file related to your NVIDIA graphics card. I am not sure how to fix this one, but I am sure someone on here may be able to. It may just be a matter of running scandisk or downloading most recent drivers for the graphics card, but wait for another response.

  zarobian 13:24 28 Jun 2005

click here

Download the dll file from this site.

  L1 LLY 15:42 28 Jun 2005

TENACIOUS GREEN ..i did exactly what u suggested .. twice .. but it hasnt worked .. what do i do now ?

  L1 LLY 13:30 29 Jun 2005

has anyone got any help for me as i still have the problem & after doing as suggested with no success i now am unable to use system restore .. thank you

  Tenacious Green 17:09 29 Jun 2005

Don't Panic, There is alway's a solution. Try running this bit of software

click here

It is specifically designed to act against Coolweb. It may be that MS Antispyware isn't getting rid of it in its entirity. Make sure you have AD-AWARE and Spybot as well. Both available from download section on this site.

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