Browser malware or virus?

  stugra 19:44 12 Sep 2013

I keep getting a message coming up on my browser each day. It says "low disk space. You are running very low on disk space. To free space you need to repair your windows errors". The there is a big button to 'repair windows errors'.

I have run anti virus scan and also a malware check, but it has returned. Does anyone recognise it and can give removal advice please?

  stugra 19:45 12 Sep 2013

Forgot to say this is on Chrome browser

  iscanut 20:33 12 Sep 2013

Sounds like malware. Have you tried a scan with Malwarebytes. click here Have you plucked up courage and clicked on the button to see what program/software is the originator ?

  iscanut 20:34 12 Sep 2013

PS I assume that you have checked and that your disk space is fine ?

  stugra 20:43 12 Sep 2013

I did a scan with malware bytes but it wasn't a deep one. I'll try that now.

No I haven't braved clicking it!! I have tried googling it but the malware doesn't seem to be that common??

Yes, plenty of disc space!!

  stugra 20:07 15 Sep 2013

Hi - it has returned, but this time saying "your PC's performance is poor" "download repair tool immediately".

The common factor is obviously the web address which is followed by other characters.

Can anyone advise on how to rid this longfintuna malware/virus please?

  stugra 20:12 15 Sep 2013

Sorry - I should update you

Deep scan on Malware Bytes done Deep AV scan done Cookies and history deleted in Chrome.


  rdave13 21:21 15 Sep 2013

In Chrome select the 'tool' icon then options. Forgive me as I'm doing it from memory as I had to remove the Delta search engine and its clingy installed software from programs and features on my son's laptop. Check your home page settings and your search engines under 'settings' in chrome. It sounds like more a hijack than anything else. Check programs and features for any unknown program and uninstall. Reboot.

  lotvic 22:19 15 Sep 2013

sponsorship/ seem to be the newbies that are infecting/installing on pcs.

As far as I have found, they are adware PUP (unwanted progs) browser hijackers and redirects, and cause popup ads/fake warnings (sponsored - they earn money for originator when you click on them, and clicking may cause further malware to be downloaded), they are also capable of collecting personal information from your pc.

If it were me I would first try a System restore to a date prior to problem, and if that didn't work I would restore to a clean Acronis image.

  michaelw 08:31 16 Sep 2013

There's 2 programs I use to get rid of these pests as av's and malwarebytes don't seem to be able to pick them up. Thery're both free:

AdwCleaner click here click here


  michaelw 08:33 16 Sep 2013

This site's a bit odd sometimes...

RogueKiller click here

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