Browser Hijack (I think!)

  Shorty123 15:24 03 Nov 2004

My sister has a Dell PC, Windows Me, AOL dial-up internet connection. It was very poorly protected and last week whilst trying to download her more protection her browser got hijacked. On joining the internet the AOL main page opens but as soon as I tried to go anywhere else, via a search or web address, the address changed to
click here. 31. 199/ssredir/gb.html

then a site comes up xxx you are about to enter an adult site (and its an absolutely filthy adult porn site with explicit photos on the opening page). I ran adaware and spybot on her system, found over 400 things between them, also put zone alarm on for her (she had no firewall) Luckily I'd taken them all on disk. Problem seemed cleared but is back with vengeance.

  Shorty123 15:26 03 Nov 2004

Problem is she is in London, I had to return to Yorkshire and she is VERY non-computer literate (not that I'm a lot better). She CAN for some strange reason get on the Tesco website so far but that's all. Any ideas?

  no-name 15:28 03 Nov 2004

Shorty123 close System Restore and try your checks again. These pests sometimes hide in there so come back even though you think you've deleted them.

Be a good idea to run your AV in Safe Mode as well.

  Shorty123 15:42 03 Nov 2004

thanks for that, I have emailed her step by step instructions to turn off system restore and run ad aware and spybot, she is doing that I believe as we speak. Her anti virus is not really worth it I dont think - its Norton that came with the PC in 2000 and she has never updated it. I was trying to download her AVG when I was there but there is a problem with AVG and AOL - they couldn't send her the email you need to register it then download it! I will post again when she has done the disable system restore scans.

  no-name 15:53 03 Nov 2004

Shorty123 ad aware and spybot will only find tracking cookies, she needs an up-to-date AV to run.

  Shorty123 15:55 03 Nov 2004

ok, anyone know a way round the AOL/AVG problem - as I use AVG I will be better able to talk her through that rather than one I am unfamiliar with.

  no-name 16:24 03 Nov 2004

Shorty123 if time isn't a problem could you download AVG free to disc and send it to her?

Also, re above, I forgot to say that after turning off System Restore she should reboot which will flush any trojan out.

  Shorty123 16:41 03 Nov 2004

I can't download it to disk I dont think, you have to get them to email you a link and its single-use, I already have it however I have downloaded Avast to disk and I'm going to send her that thanks. Have told her to reboot after disabling and re-enabling system restore, cheers.

  Shorty123 21:31 03 Nov 2004

My sister is unable to try the advice given until tomorrow (Thurs) afternoon so thanks so far, will post back.

  Djohn 00:01 04 Nov 2004

Yes, just use your sisters details and your email address. It will download OK with a separate serial number then coppy to disk or Pen drive.

  Shorty123 08:22 04 Nov 2004

ok thanks for that, will report back later this aft, hopefully with good news.

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