Browser freezes for 20 secs then OK

  kinger 21:28 30 Nov 2004

While browsing the Internet using Avant or IE, the session tends to freeze for 20-40 seconds before I'm able to continue.

This will happen several times in a session.

I can use any other program but the actual browser is frozen solid with only the mouse cursor moveable.

Can anyone throw any light on why this should happen?

  Graham ® 22:07 30 Nov 2004

Dial-up or broadband? If broadband, USB modem?

  kinger 19:22 01 Dec 2004

Broadband with USB modem, Graham.

  Graham ® 19:30 01 Dec 2004

A USB modem must be on a hub on its own, nothing in the second port. Another device would reduce the power available to the modem.

  kinger 22:37 01 Dec 2004

Mine has its own socket.

I do have a powered USB 1 hub but the modem is plugged into a separate USB 2 PCI Card.

  GaT7 22:49 01 Dec 2004

Have you tried an IE repair? (click here if you need to know how) G

  kinger 20:50 02 Dec 2004

I will try that now Crossbow7

  kinger 21:03 02 Dec 2004

My 'add remove' listing doesn't seem to include MS Explorer at all. Maybe because Avant browser has 'taken it over'. I'm not sure.

  Graham ® 21:12 02 Dec 2004

I would uninstall Avant browser to prove. It says it's an upgrade to IE, but it may have caused conflicts which would account for your problem.

  GaT7 01:01 03 Dec 2004

You haven't mentioned which OS your using. I'm using Win98se & it shows up in Add/Remove as 'Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP1 and Internet Tools'.

If you're using Win 2000/XP there are other fixes that don't include the Add/Remove applet. See middle/bottom of repair-IE link I provided above, & follow the instructions for your OS. G

  pipedream 08:06 03 Dec 2004

Have you got a network card installed which isn't connected to anything? Sometimes these cause things to pause (if so, go to device manager & disable it). I don't think this affects IE only though.

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