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  Legolas 15:14 24 Sep 2003

I created a site with two frames so that I could anchor the navigation links and have the links open in the second frame. The problem is I built it with the resolution on my 17" screen at 1024x768 when viewed on a 15" screen at 800x600 it requires too much scrolling which detracts from the overall look of the site. I then rebuilt it with my screen at 800x600 but when seen at 1024x768 again it looks wrong. How can I make it fit and look okay regardless of the screen resolution being used. click here

  Falkyrn 22:35 25 Sep 2003

It may be a problem at my end but I've tried viewing your site with several browsers with very mixed results ... IE6 hangs, Avant crashes, Firebird displays it with no problem and Mozilla displays it with corruption in the menu.

  slowhand_1000 22:50 25 Sep 2003

Tried to open the link twice but it locked out both times. Using IE 5.5

  Legolas 10:22 26 Sep 2003

I am using IE6 and I have no trouble opening my site, there is a slight problem with the menu sometimes when you first go onto my site but if you click on the menu it corrects it.

  Legolas 20:58 27 Sep 2003

slowhand_1000 and Falkyrn I see what you mean about the menu it was causing the site to freeze when loading I think I have fixed it now, will you give it go for me and see if it is working for you now. Thanks.

  Sir Radfordin 22:56 27 Sep 2003

Site is working much better now! It was crashing when you tried to Max/Min it before.

May be an idea to change the TARGET on the two links you have so the pages opens in a new window. If you look at the source code for indexrow1col1.htm you will see it says TARGET="row1col2" after the two links. If you change this to TARGET="_blank" it should force the link to open in a new page and not in your site. A much cleaner way of doing things.

  Forum Editor 22:58 27 Sep 2003

on the 'word of encouragement' page. Three lines up - reads: has giving us should read: has given us

Otherwise it looks fine, but why don't you try the text in a smaller point size - then readers wouldn't have to scroll so much? try it in 8 or 10 point Verdana, and see how much better it looks.

You also need to make the Joyce Meyer site load in a separate window - it's a Flash site, and the browser won't insert a scroll bar. That means that on your present configuration the bottom section of the page is missing.

  Falkyrn 22:58 27 Sep 2003

Seems to be working fine now ... a minor pedantic point ... the photograph of your church building is really too small to use as a background ... it appears as a tiled image

  Legolas 18:08 28 Sep 2003

Thanks for the input I will follow the advice given. Forum Editor I have read and re-read that page and never spotted that error so well spotted.

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