Browser Crashing

  PC Advice Sir 11:37 25 Jul 2004

I don't know what I have done recently but I can't get very far browsing anymore. When I click on links within websites it takes ages for the pages to load.

I subscribed to OnSpeed before all this happened, and installed the software hoping it would speed things up even more, but surfing has never been so poor.

When it locks-up the PC I can't even get task manager from Ctrl+alt+del, I have to turn the PC off manually every time. Surely that can't be very good for the PC either.

Being security conscious I thought having various functions disabled through security software such as Spywareblaster & spybot.

I have XP which is supposed to be more stable, but I've never had such a dreadful time on the internet with this thing. I also have the firefox browser, but the same happens on that too.

Any suggestions on how to clear this up please?

  canard 14:22 25 Jul 2004

Have you tried emptying Firefox cache, Windows temp internet files snd the recycle bin followed by a defrag. Check your startup list for running too many apps.Run updated spybot and adaware to see if spyware is gobbling your ram and bandwidth. Download accelerators can be dodgey and use more resources than they save so try uninstalling the one you installed. Are your desktop and quick launch bar overpopulated with icons?

  PC Advice Sir 14:45 25 Jul 2004

I kind of got around it by doing a system restore back to Friday when I didn't have the problem. Although it seems to have remedied the problem, the restore has removed what I installed on Saturday ~ I know I could reinstall those 2 programmes (Napster & OnSpeed), but I'd rather leave them be now.

Strangely though, Napster would'nt let me back in saying some of my account details were missing - please try again...(repeated with username & password ~ same answer), even though I never knowingly terminated it, I received an email from Napster welcoming me to the 'lite' version...?? ...Strange!

I'll contact my bank and block any debit. I also paid £25 for a years sub to OnSpeed, but I believe I can obtain a refund if not satisfied.

I uninstalled an expired trojan remover programme, but since the restore it tries to launch on startup. I tried to take it out via the add remove progs list, but it tells me it does not exist!?

Thanks for your advice - I will try that.


  LastChip 14:53 25 Jul 2004

From what you describe, it's almost certainly not a browser fault. As IE and Firefox are giving you similar problems, I would suspect that the fault is within the operating system itself.

canard's advice is a good starting point. Clear out all the rubbish and make sure you don't have any unnecessary programs running.

What your describing does suggest something is using a lot of resources in terms of CPU usage and memory. XP does have a System Monitor utility, which will show you whether your CPU and/or memory is being hammered.

You don't mention the specification of your machine. Is it an older computer where perhaps XP has been "retrofitted" and is not really up to the task of running it? I mention this, because although I admit to not liking XP, it is normally relatively stable, and you suggest in your post that XP has been a problem to you.

  canard 20:52 25 Jul 2004

Ypor probs with napster and Onspeed shutting you out may be if you've deleted their cookies and tightened up security in the cookie dept.

  PC Advice Sir 23:40 25 Jul 2004

Thank you for your response's LastChip & canard.

My PC is quite new - spec includes:-
P4 3.0 GHz, 160Gb hard drive, XP from new, 512 RAM...hope thats enough info to go on?

How do I use the system monitor to shed any light on you mean the task manager? because when the PC locked-up/crashed the 3 finger salute (ctrl+alt+del) didn't launch the task manager. I've just launched it now to have a look and it doesen't appear to show any particular application giving the performance a hard time anywhere. (Not that those numbers mean a great deal to me with my limited knowledge).

I'll play things by ear for a while before I endorse as resolved.

Thanks again.


  LastChip 00:19 26 Jul 2004

The main thing is, that your CPU isn't running at a high capacity incessantly - 95% - 100%, as this is a sure sign that something is running constantly in the background. Trojans in particular can be guilty of this, especially if they are using your computer as a relay for spam. I do realise however, you have scanned for any such problems.

Likewise, a high utilisation of memory could be a badly written program that is not releasing free memory as it should. In other words, when the application is finished with the memory space it was using, it should release it back into the pool for further use. When you see very little spare memory, it is often a sign this is not happening.

Your computer specs. are more than enough, and you shouldn't get any undue delay with that machine.

The chances are, Napster was the culprit.

  PC Advice Sir 20:39 26 Jul 2004

It would only be fair to conclude the subject as resolved at this point, but I'm not entirely at ease with all that goes on without my knowledge, perhaps I'm a touch paranoid about the smooth running of the PC.

I'm sure I'll be back with something else before long.

Thanks again


  dotterel 21:52 26 Jul 2004

No, there really are lots of people out to get you - or at least your computer! Make sure you've got Adaware etc. as recommended on this forum.

  PC Advice Sir 13:09 27 Jul 2004

...had it for quite some time but I've installed the plug-ins for it too now!

Many thanks :-))


  SEASHANTY 15:59 27 Jul 2004

Altho speed downloaders such as ONSPEED would be of no use to me as on NTL BB this prog has been recommended by "Computeractive" magazine as being a
worthwhile application that works. Many of their readers find that this works well on their PC's so I am surprised that you thought Onspeed was the problem.

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