Browser choice screen u/d

  six-h 16:54 26 Feb 2010

Having read buteman's post click here, no one has mentioned if having declined the "browser choice" update, they are then force fed it on a daily basis as I am!
I've tried to banish it by right clicking on it and selecting "hide this update", but it then remains permanently ticked but with no explanation in the right pane.
I suspect it would then go ahead and install anyway!
Can I get rid of it without installing?

  birdface 17:09 26 Feb 2010

[hide this update] I have done that and when run Windows update again it does not show.
using W/7.

  mfletch 17:11 26 Feb 2010

Yes use Ccleaner and just stop it from starting at startup,

Or just go through the motions but don't install any browser,

click here

  fullyfitted 17:12 26 Feb 2010


I declined it after the initial download and I've not been offered it since, Sorry I can't be more help

  lotvic 17:13 26 Feb 2010

I have Automatic updates set to 'Notify me but don't automatically download or install them'

when the list of updates box appears (after clicking on the shield in systray)
I unticked it, and only d/loaded the ones I wanted and then I got a pop up box to tick to be not reminded again of Browser choice screen update.

  lotvic 17:15 26 Feb 2010

note that if you do install it, it cannot be uninstalled.

I am using XP MCE SP3

  MAT ALAN 17:16 26 Feb 2010

I'm with lotvic on this, i do exactly the same, 90% of updates you DO NOT or will probably NEVER need...

  six-h 17:24 26 Feb 2010

Thanks guys, I tried buteman's suggestion, but as I said, the update "ticks" its self again and I see a note at the bottom of the screen saying "total to install 1", followed by the vista UAC warning, (Vista) so I cancelled!
Then did as lotvic describes but so far havn't had the pop up screen offering not to show it again.
My XP machine did exactly as lotvic says.

One more thing about updates.
On my Vista machine, I was informed of an optional hardware update for my graphics card, which I accepted.
Checking under the "Drivers" tab of the card's properties window, the driver still says it's dated March 2009 (the update stated a date of Jan 2010)

  lotvic 18:32 26 Feb 2010

did a google and the update is KB976002
would it be possible to find and delete it as you haven't installed it yet.
Don't know if this is possible

  lotvic 18:57 26 Feb 2010

gleaned from click here
maybe someone can suggest further with this info

icon on the desktop to bring up the "choice"screen C:\Windows\system32\browserchoice.exe\launch

HKLM\..\RunOnce: [KB976002-v5] C:\WINDOWS\system32\browserchoice.exe

You can delete it out of the registry. Go to HCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\run and remove BrowserChoice Key, "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\browserchoice.exe" /run

Try start, run, msconfig
go to startup and deselect C:\System32\browserchoice.exe

  johnnyrocker 20:15 26 Feb 2010

having downloaded it i am not aware of any difference in performance should i?


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