Browser cannot display page

  Bontcho 17:58 07 Apr 2004

I am using IE on Win ME. Whenever I try to connect to the internet, the modem dials as normal, verifies my password, the dial up box disappears, but I cannot load any web page. The connection is definately open but nothing will load.

I have tried to connect using Outlook and the same thing happens but the error message I get is it cannot access the servers.

Is this an ISP issue (it hasn't been working for over a week now) or is something up with my PC?

  GaT7 18:07 07 Apr 2004

Do you have antivirus & use ad/spyware scanners like Adaware & Spybot-S&D?

  Eastender 18:14 07 Apr 2004

To discount ISP issue, create a Dial Up using the telephone No. 01845 1121212 use any username and any password. If you get the same probs it's not your ISP.

  Eastender 18:17 07 Apr 2004

0845 1121212 is the correct number.

Anyone else been drinking the Charles Wells Bombadier bitter.

  Bontcho 17:58 11 Apr 2004

Sorry for the delay - bit difficult for me to get online at the minute...

I use McAfee anti-virus (which is updated!!)and and have got spybot S+D.

Will give the other connection a go.

Bombardier rules...!!!

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