Brought this new pc but got wrong monitor cable

  Revanswift 03:04 19 Jan 2017

This the pc I brought click here I got a dvi cable but won't fit on. The back of my pc so which cable do I need? On the cable I got (dvi) the 4 pins was stopping it to go in just pressing against the plastic. Please help thank you for reading and your support!

  mole44 05:42 19 Jan 2017

Picture please of both sockets to help us would be helpful (And put your camera on macro mode) no fuzzy pictures

  Govan1x 07:08 19 Jan 2017

If this is the same one you have the normal fittings of hdmi,ethernet etc.

if you click on the bottom view on the left you can plainly see the connections but not sure which one it is or what one is best for gaming.

Click here

  Govan1x 07:44 19 Jan 2017

This from PCA and your fitting looks like a DVI-I dual link. Depends on your monitor connection and providing that I provided the proper View of your computer or not.

I am not into cables so best waiting for advice from someone who can give you the proper information.

Click here

  Forum Editor 13:25 19 Jan 2017

I think you'll find that your computer has two HDMI ports.

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