Brother network printer now not got IP address

  rupie 19:25 30 Jun 2011

I have a small network, where there are 3 macs all connected together, and a Brother HL-4040 network printer. Things have been working for nearly a year. All is DCHP from the internet Router. There is a netgear switch also because there is no enough network cables that go into 1 room. Yesturday I could not print and found that the printer has not been given an IP address. The settings are correct and to test the cable, if I plug the network cable into a laptop it gets an address. The cable is 20m long, if I try another calbe the same length the same problem. If I move the printer into the room with the router is and use a 1m cable it finds an IP address. With the Mac I can connect directly with static IP and it works. I have changed the router and the same problem exsists. If I change the switch the same problem exsists.

What is going on ???

  mgmcc 19:41 30 Jun 2011

It may be that the network port in the printer is not working as efficiently as it used to. With a 20m cable the signal may now be too weak for it to get its IP address. If it has to be that distance from the router, a possible solution would be to connect a Network Switch at the end of the 20m cable run and then a short ethernet cable to the printer.

Also, if the 20m cable is plugged into the Netgear Switch, try connecting it directly to one of the router's own ports (assuming a conventional router with four ethernet ports).

  rupie 20:21 30 Jun 2011

Tried that, no Luck.

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