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Brother DCP 195C loose power seating

  Hetti 11:00 08 Apr 2018

The power input plug is loose in its socket. The printer is an Brother DCP 195C, and is working only when I wriggle the power supply plug where it connects to the printer, and the plug is properly engaged with its terminals, but the slightest touch on the power lead disconnects power and it does seem loose in its seat. I tried the printer in another room problem is still there so I assume its not the power cable.

  Hetti 09:59 09 Apr 2018

UPDATE I stuck a small bit of Blue tac on one side of the power plug and all seems fine , seems to hold it in the correct postion.

  alanrwood 09:45 10 Apr 2018

What you have done is potentially dangerous. If the contact isd not perfect then sparking is possible and consequent fire risk. Get the socket replaced. A local computer repair store should do it for you.

  Hetti 17:46 10 Apr 2018


Thanks for that, I didn't think about that.........I may just buy new printer had put it off as I have quite a bit of ink for Brother,,,,,,,,, but safety first............thanks again

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