Broken scanner glass

  Beth 16:36 11 Jan 2003
  Beth 16:36 11 Jan 2003

I've been asked if it's possible to have a Lexmark all-in-one repaired (model not known). It's only just out of guarantee. It was knocked over and the scanner glass and the bulb are both broken.

The owner lives in France and she says that no-one is prepared to help her. I told her I would ask here for advice.

Is it repairable or is it one of those situations where it's cheaper to buy new than bother with a repair?

  beeuuem 16:44 11 Jan 2003

Why not ask Lexmark?
click here
click here
The glass is nothing special and is usually easy to remove. Periodically I remove the glass from my scanner to give it a good clean, so it should be possible to get a piece of the proper size.

  Djohn 16:46 11 Jan 2003

Beth, not knowing the full details, it's difficult to advise on this, but if scanners are anything like printers, (Regarding repair cost), then it will be wiser and probably just as cheap to buy a new one, Regards, J.

  Djohn 16:49 11 Jan 2003

PS. It's not so much the glass, as beeuuem says this should be straight foward, but I think the cost of the lamp will be out of proportion to replacing.

  €dstow 17:01 11 Jan 2003

Quite often replacement lamps easily cost almost as much as a new scanner. It isn't practical to even bother looking for a replacement.

In addition to the obvious problem, the mechanism in scanners is quite delicate and it is quite possible that a knock of sufficient severity to cause the damage you say it has, will have caused the scanning mechanism to be irreparably damaged.


  Beth 17:27 11 Jan 2003

Thanks all

I'll send this on to her along with the addresses.


  greenlamp 00:26 12 Jan 2003

If the lamp type is identifiable then a call to Technical Lamps ( full details on their website click here) may be worthwhile. There products are good quality and usually relatively cheap.

  « Ravin » 06:35 12 Jan 2003

but how do you remove the scanner glass to clean it?

  brianthesnail 06:58 12 Jan 2003

greenlamp: there is probably more wrong with it than just a broken lamp. There must have been a considerable jolt to cause the damage that has occurred.

« Ravin »: Scanners are normally sealed units such that the insides don't get dirty. The top surface can be cleaned with ordinary glass cleaner or alcohol based photocopier cleaner (if that's still available).


  hoverman 08:42 12 Jan 2003

Not sure of the situation in France, but if she has house contents insurance it might be worth while checking if the scanner is covered against accidental damage.

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