Broken PSU in working computer

  cbradley857 20:12 12 Jan 2009

If a (potentialy) broken PSU is taken from a broken computer and put into a working one, could it break the computer (I want to see if it works OK without getting a multimeter etc - i might use it in the comp too)?

btw the broken comp turns on with no output, so the PSU works to some extent

  mrwoowoo 20:23 12 Jan 2009

It is possible,depending on the fault that it could damage your pc.
Would it not be better to put the working PSU in the other PC into the non working one.If it works ok then you know the other PSU is duff.

  Terminus90 20:24 12 Jan 2009

I wouldn't, it could (potentially) blow your motherboard in the good pc.

  nosharpe 20:25 12 Jan 2009

Dismantle the PSU and look for burnt marks.
There are only a few screws to undo

  skidzy 20:29 12 Jan 2009

Do NOT attempt to reuse a broken psu,its just not worth the heartache it could cause.

1) Its dangerous

2) Its possible your mobo will blow.

3) Possibly take out the hardrive and other hardware.

  DieSse 00:30 13 Jan 2009

"Dismantle the PSU and look for burnt marks."

Please DON'T unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing. Switch-mode power supplies can hold very heavy charges in their capacitors for a long time - and that might be very dangerous for you.

  DieSse 00:32 13 Jan 2009

"...the broken comp turns on with no output"

Could you explain that in some more detail - more help may be possible if you want it.

  cbradley857 20:59 14 Jan 2009

theres no video output - i just hear the hard drive and the fan spins

  woodchip 21:07 14 Jan 2009

Best thing with a suspect PSU is Throw it

  baldydave 21:09 14 Jan 2009

Please dont take offence but have you got onboard video and a video card aswell?
Is the monitor cable plugged into the video card connection and the card fully in the motherboard.

  MAJ 21:14 14 Jan 2009

1. Check the monitor is switched on.

2. Check the socket the monitor is plugged into.

3. Check the monitor's power supply is working with the correct output voltage.

4. Check the monitor cable.

5. Check the graphics card is seated correctly.

6. Check that the graphics card has not died.

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