Broken power socket

  Compassion 12:50 11 Sep 2005

The connector pin inside the power socket on my 4 year old notebook has become dislodged and I'm unable to connect the computer to the mains supply. The computer is out of warranty, and none of the 17 local shops I've tried will agree to look at it. Is there any other way to connect this computer to a power supply, at least so I can access the hard drive? Failing this, would it be possible to remove the drive from the notebook and attach it to a desktop computer?



  Diodorus Siculus 13:05 11 Sep 2005

[quote]would it be possible to remove the drive from the notebook and attach it to a desktop computer[/quote]

Yes, 2 ½ inch to 3½ inch adaptors are easily available and will do it for you.

Can't help re. powering up the machine though.

  Eric10 13:05 11 Sep 2005

Can't really advise you on the laptop fault as you haven't given us any information on make, model, etc. The hard drive is mounted in various positions on different laptops but is usually accessible without too much trouble. click here;jsessionid=1543241b2d6fd8b/shopdata/0010_Accessories/product_details.shopscript?article=0023_2%3D252E5%3D22%2Bto%2B3%3D252E5%3D22%2BHard%2BDrive%2BAdapter%2B%3D2825to35%3D29 for a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter that will allow you to connect the drive to a desktop PC.

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:06 11 Sep 2005

If you cannot get the laptop going, buy yourself an external 2.5" USB hard drive caddy. If you shop around you should be able to get one quite cheap.

  Eric10 13:07 11 Sep 2005

Sorry about above link try this click here

  Compassion 13:16 11 Sep 2005

Thanks for the advice. I've pretty much resigned myself to a new computer, but it's nice to know I'll be able to access my old HD.

As for the notebook, it's an Evesham Voyager. A similar problem was fixed under warranty, but I can't get anyone to touch it now. One of the problems of buying notebooks, I suppose!

Thanks again,


  Eric10 13:21 11 Sep 2005

One example of a 2.5" hard drive USB enclosure as suggested by Mr Mistoffelees click here.
Using this method you could continue using the drive as a backup device even if you had to ditch the notebook.

  Pidder 14:40 11 Sep 2005

Doesn't anyone know of a way to charge the battery away from the notebook?

  jack 14:47 11 Sep 2005

A2.5 inch caddy will solve the data access problem

Buy a copy of MicroMart from most news agents
lots of spares suppliers and repairers in there.
Also look up click here - lots of sockets listed there

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:53 11 Sep 2005

The connector pin inside the power socket

These are standard DC sockets available from many electrical stores and solder on to the motherboard.

A simple soldering job, however the problem is getting the motherboard out of the note book. I am suprised noone will touch it.

  Pidder 09:42 12 Sep 2005

Would suggest that if you are soldering onto the mobo, unplug the soldering iron first to guard against static.

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