Broken plastic fitting holding fan to MB

  Catastrophe 13:22 30 Jun 2010

I will try and explain this as best I can. Basicaly a broken piece of plastic is preventing me from fitting fan over CPU to MB.

MB Asus P4P800 (OK its old but I like it AND I have a SPARE).

Either side of the fan unit there are two metal gizmos which latch one side and have to be pressed firmly the other side to click into place. The tops of both plastic pieces on ONE side are broken.

Starting at the bottom, there is the CPU on the MB with lever to hold in place. Around this is a plastic rectangle fixing to the MB by four pressed in studs. It is the plastic rectangle which is broken. Perpendicular to the surface there are four 'rugby posts' two each side into which the metal gizmos fix. On one side both the 'rugby post' tops are broken so no firm fixing is possible. All for one plastic molding.

The spare MB does not have this fan/fixing arrangement.

The PC is working PERFECTLY but I realise I cannot continue without firm attachment of fan unit.

The fan is Cooler Master with following references
A8025-22CB-3AN-F1 and

My question is: IS the piece of plastic part of the fan assembly or part of the MB assembly? Is this four stud attachment standard so MB just makes allowance for standard fitting?

I have to go out for an hour or so and will google away when I get back but, meanwhile, if anyone knows what I mean it will give direction to my search.

Any comments greatly appreciated.


  MAT ALAN 13:41 30 Jun 2010

Would be simpler just to buy another heatsink and fan...

  I am Spartacus 14:17 30 Jun 2010

I think it might be something similar to this you need click here which you may be able to source from a PC Shop as a salvage item. AFAIK there were a few different versions of this although I think version 4 is the more common one..

You can, depending on the heatsink retaining mechanism use nuts and bolts instead but ideally you need to make a backplate to stop the motherboard cracking. Unfortunately I gave my modified version away otherwise you could have had it.

  woodchip 14:45 30 Jun 2010

Why not take a Picture of it and post it hear

  Catastrophe 16:23 30 Jun 2010

Thanks all for your comments

Mat Alan
It is really a question of what to buy.

I am Spartacus
Your 'click here' is exactly it. I particularly like mention of back plate which is why I guess it looks thicker in the photo.

See 'click here' - it is exactly the plastic piece I referred to.

At GBP4.99 inc postage I have ordered one. I shall post back should I find there are different sizes or anything else useful.

Not closed yet.

Thanks again


  sherwoodsolns 22:21 30 Jun 2010

I have similar problems with useless plastic mouldings to hold heatsink in place with metal clips - I fixed these broken clips using cable ties to form a loop that the metal clip can attach to on the post that poke through the MB. as long as the fix doesn't "short" the MB or interfere with components on the board then it only needs to hold the heatsink and fan in place so it can remove heat from the cpu. DIY fixes can work ok. I agree with Mat alan - if you know the make of Mb and the cpu used then a quick ebay search will find you the right replacement for a few pounds.

  Catastrophe 00:43 01 Jul 2010

Thanks sherwoodsolns

MB is ASUS p4p800SE and CPU Intel Pentium 4.

To put it in perspective I could tell you that if you react (under the right conditions) a fatty acid (of appropriate chain length) with aminoethylethanolamine and react this with chloracetic acid (under the right conditions) you will be able to reduce the irritancy of shampoos (etc) ... EASY!

OK just do it!

My problem may be easy to you but I guess you don't find my solution easy? Maybe you also have 47 patents in this area?

I am not being confrontational. I am just pointing out that what is simple to you may be very difficult to me. And vice versa. Which is why I am asking for help.

Please take this as constructive.


  Catastrophe 00:46 01 Jul 2010

In other words I don't know WHAT to buy. Is it compatible with my MB? Will any fan unit do? EASY Just go and BUY WHAT?


  MAT ALAN 08:06 01 Jul 2010

As far as i am aware your CPU is socket 478

click here

the heatsink and fan shown in the link should fit...

If you are in doubt take the busted one off go to PCWorld or somewhere like that and ask for a compatable replacement...

  woodchip 10:24 01 Jul 2010

I think Maplins may have them

  I am Spartacus 10:32 01 Jul 2010

I believe it's the motherboard mounting retaining clips that are broken not the heatsink clips so a new heatsink won't solve the problem.

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