broken PC?

  SAH 18:40 10 Apr 2005

I've got an old Windows 98 PC and whenever I try to boot it up it goes through the windows screen ok and then within a few seconds of it getting to the desktop screen it freezes up and I can't use the mouse. When I first turn on the PC I have the option of going into the hardware settings is there anything I can change to on these settings to stop this happening? Thanks

  lotvic 18:48 10 Apr 2005

Q: was it alright previously and has only just started doing this?

Q: do you have the w98 CD?

Q: Have you only just got this pc from someone else and you have never had it working ok?

Q: Is there any data (my docs files) that you want to save?

Q: Have you changed any hardware or anything?

  SAH 18:54 10 Apr 2005

Lotvic, there's no data I want to save and I haven't changed any hardware, as you say I got this PC from someone else and it's never worked OK, I think the previous owner just gave up on it, but unfortunately I haven't got the w98 CD. I haven't really got anything to lose by trying to fix it really as it's broken already!!

  Jak_1 18:56 10 Apr 2005

Have you tried booting up in safe mode?

  Diemmess 19:00 10 Apr 2005

1) Boot in Safe mode (press F8 repeatedly from the start of booting and choose Safe Mode Once in Safe Mode, goto control panel > system > device manager and look for yellow warning icons.

2) Boot as before (F8)choose command prompt only. This time type scanreg /restore (don't forget the space)and choose an earlier date before this trouble started.

  lotvic 19:12 10 Apr 2005

yep, safe mode sounds good

and I know hardly owt about this so will leave it to those forum members who know how/what to do and I will learn from them.

  SAH 20:02 10 Apr 2005

No I haven't tried booting up in safe mode, but I'll give it a go. Thank you all for your help!

  woodchip 20:10 10 Apr 2005

Right if you get it going in safe mode go to Start\run and type MSCONFIG press enter go to startup tab and "remove tick's from all" except System Tray, ScanRegistry. Anti-Virus and Firewall. Then try a normal boot

  dan11 20:21 10 Apr 2005

" When I first turn on the PC I have the option of going into the hardware settings"

Some one may have been twiddling with the bios settings. Go in to hardware settings, pick "load fail safe defaults" or may say " load setup defaults". Save and exit.

May be worth a try if you still have the problem after you have tried safe mode.

  woodchip 20:41 10 Apr 2005

If that does not work, but you can get into safe mode. open your Autoexec.bat file in notepad, this can be found in Windows Explorer under C:\ on the right copy and paste the contents, but please double space the lines so it's not all jumbled up

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