Broken laptop Screen?

  birdface 11:20 06 Mar 2010

My granddaughters friend dropped her laptop on to the floor.
Now when it opens all you get is a Multi colour screen and if you look closely at the bottom right you can see small cracks running up inside the screen.The actual screen looks ok and the problem looks like it is inside the screen and not actually on it.
It is a Fujitsu Amilo li 2735 model No Ms 228.
Now the problem is My daughter took out a 3 year warranty on it but has been told accidental damage cover was only for the first year.
Household Insurance she has to pay the first £150 so that looks like a no go.
It is about 1-2 year old would it be better just to scrap it or maybe cheaper to repair it.
And just thinking if she kept it could you hook it up to an External monitor and would that work.
Any thoughts or advise welcome.

  mrmillimetre 11:33 06 Mar 2010

have a look here click here and give them a ring I have used them for other repairs and they are very good

  mgmcc 11:34 06 Mar 2010

Get in touch with "Laptop Repair UK Ltd" click here and see what they say. There is a phone number on the page.

Laptops do normally have a port to connect an external monitor and there should be a key combination (mine uses Fn+F3) to toggle between Laptop/External/Both.

  birdface 12:10 06 Mar 2010

Thanks both.
looks like the same company different areas.
But having a look at what they charge for a new screen and then adding the cost of post and packaging it looks like a repair would be out of the question.
Probably cheaper investing in a new laptop but as both parents are not sure if their jobs are safe or not at the moment I cannot see that happening either.
Looks like it would be cheaper investing in an external monitor which might do them temporarily.

  chub_tor 12:27 06 Mar 2010

There are a number of replacement screens available ranging from £12.99 (used) on ebay to £60/80 new. It's not too difficult to replace it yourself and I expect that there will be sevral video tutorials available if you Google it.

  chub_tor 12:36 06 Mar 2010

Sorry I retract a large part of my post as I didn't look at the links carefully enough. The screen cannot be obtained for £12.99 that is just for the posts. The screen itself is £53.62 plus VAT plus shipping.

  MAJ 12:38 06 Mar 2010

If you manage to source a cheap enough screen to replace the broken screen, it's not very difficult to fit it, a fella of your calibre could do it I'm sure.

  chub_tor 12:42 06 Mar 2010

Would have helped if I had included the links click here and click here=

  birdface 13:22 06 Mar 2010

Thanks for the links I will save them until I see my daughter to see what she is going to do.
I would not attempt to repair it myself but I know someone who can.
Thanks everyone that has got to be cheaper than buying a new Monitor.

  birdface 15:12 06 Mar 2010

Ok folk will class this as resolved.
I think that I know everything that can be done now.
Many thanks for all of your help.

  birdface 21:34 07 Mar 2010

Latest news is That my Grand Daughters friend who dropped the laptop, Her father came round last night and took the laptop away to try and get it repaired.
I thought that was very nice of him whether he can repair it or not It was very good of him to offer.

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