Broken Laptop

  Gerard 13:12 22 Jun 2007

My Sony VAIO Laptop has just stop working, and I am not able to use it. I have data on the Hard Drive which I need. Any ideas how I can transfer to another computer.

  wee eddie 13:42 22 Jun 2007

Buy an Enclosure (Case for an External Hard Drive) They come in two sizes, the smaller size is for Laptop HDD.

Take out the HDD > Install it into the Enclosure > you now have an External Hard Drive > Plug it into the USB port of your new PC > Copy the files across.

When you are happy with the transfer you can Format it and use it as a Back-up Drive.

  Gerard 14:30 22 Jun 2007

Thanks, do u know where the best place to purchase one is.

  wee eddie 14:36 22 Jun 2007

Prices vary from around £15 to £25 depending on how flash you want the casing to be.

Almost all the shops do them as well with an approximately £5 premium. It sometimes to works out cheaper to buy from a shop as there are no Carriage Charge.

  woodchip 14:57 22 Jun 2007

Have you tried starting it with only the mains adapter connected? no battery installed also try safe mode

  QinesiQ 17:28 22 Jun 2007

Hmmm, seems to be a common thing for vaios - mine did something similar.

Do as wee eddie suggests and get yourself a 2.5' HDD enclosure. You can pick up one for a lot less than £15. I got an aluminium one with "vaio" on it (just ‘cos) for around £6 (e.g. click here)

Next you could auction off your dead vaio for spares/repairs on Ebay. My friend sold hers for £140. There is quite a resale for them (probably because other poor b****rs vaio has died too and they can stomach the expense of a repair). The buyer was a local(ish) lappy repairer.

Also check to see if your laptop is covered under your house and contents as you maybe able to claim. Take your lappy to an independent specialist to analyse the fault and check with your policy to see if you are covered. It cost my friend £30 to get hers checked out and the info also helped her describe the lappy in her ebay listing.

Lastly, avoid sony lappys (and their odm - asus) like a plague of locusts!

I hope this helps.

  QinesiQ 17:35 22 Jun 2007

My fault was covered because sony strenuously described my fault as “liquid damaged” and made all sorts of accusations re: a cup of coffee. It got them out of an in-warranty repair and as it happened helped me out too. Though I’m absolutely sure that was not their intention.

I personally have no idea about the coffee but the insurance chap said they were not going to dispute sonys findings helpfully documented in B&W!

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