Broken keyboard - help!

  MgMt 08:50 12 Nov 2014

I've had this laptop for a couple if years with no problems, but yesterday when I turned it on the letters e, r, y, u and numbers 4&5 weren't working. I'm not very techy and I needy laptop for work - can anyone help?!

(The 'y' started working again for just long enough to log in, then went back on strike).

Thank you!

  wee eddie 09:09 12 Nov 2014

This is a long shot: As it's such a small area there's just a possibility that something (Cake Crumbs, a bit of fluff) has got below the keys.

A needle and stiff brush, while everything is turned off, might help

  alanrwood 10:26 12 Nov 2014

Sounds like the keyboard is faulty as all these share a common track on the keyboard.

  spuds 10:30 12 Nov 2014

If you look at YouTube, you will found a number of video's that provide an answer to cleaning and stripping down certain computer type keyboards.

Perhaps worth checking there, before undertaking any cleaning, if you are not sure!.

Here's a very intense method (not recommended for a novice to attempt) click here and here is a much simpler method (but watch if any keys are loose, they may drop out) click here

  MgMt 10:46 12 Nov 2014

Thanks all - I've cleaned the keyboard (accidentally removing a couple of keys in the process...) and they're still not working. Looks like I'll have to get a new keyboard :(

  SparkyJack 12:22 12 Nov 2014

As new keyboard for a lap to could be difficult to obtain a web search may help, and expensive too if you feel its a workshop job..

A simpler solution is a wireless/USB one. Either can be a tenneer or so mail order

  Nontek 14:04 12 Nov 2014
  john bunyan 14:54 12 Nov 2014

I have bought several keyboards from the people below at £12 to £15. I got a friend to fit them but not too difficult. may be due to a bit of moisture damage.

Lap top batteries

  spuds 16:51 12 Nov 2014

If the laptop is working fine, excluding the keyboard, then perhaps try a usb external keyboard if its not going to be an obstacle. I have used one similar to this in the past click here

  [DELETED] 01:03 13 Nov 2014

Use the On-Screen Keyboard until you fix it properly

(press Windows key + R and type osk.exe )

  [DELETED] 01:06 13 Nov 2014

Can also be enabled at boot by clicking on the wheelchair Ease of Access icon

('Use the computer without a mouse or keyboard' link)

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