Broken digital signatures

  scarecrow-bill 00:30 24 Nov 2010

I have just ran an AVG scan and have found 48 broken signatures all along the line of:

C:\WINDOWS\Installer\5550e3b.msi";"The file is signed with a broken digital signature, issued by: Microsoft Corporation.";""

Is this something I should be concerned about.

Thank you

  KremmenUK 07:01 24 Nov 2010

That's a new one.

If there is a problem then I presume a similar warning would show up when you try and run the program(s).

This could also be connected to things like Excel Macros with Digital Signatures. These should also prompt a warning when you try and run the Macro.

  AndrewBaker 10:48 24 Nov 2010

I've just had the same thing with my AVG scan, broken digital signature in windows/installer, issued by Microsoft and others.

Maybe it's AVG: I ran the scan after having to re-boot to permit an AVC update to take effect.

  p.r.b 13:32 24 Nov 2010

I asked about this yesterday. I too had a problem with AVG reporting a broken digital signal in the Windows Installer Package, in my case it appears to relate to System Restore.
Have googled and am not alone, I think it is something to do with the latest version of AVG rather than my computer - fingers crossed anyway !



  p.r.b 13:50 24 Nov 2010

I meant signature not signal - apologies, getting old !!!


  MAT ALAN 15:35 24 Nov 2010

click here

might help...

  tireddad 14:08 25 Nov 2010

Hello Scarecrow-Bill I had great trouble after upgrading to AVG 2011 a few weeks ago.
After the initial problems, it appeared to function correctly. That was until yesterday. Again during an update my PC Froze. I followed the advice of one of the Help Room Pals, and got it all up and running. After the first Scan, same as you, only I got 11 Broken Do-Das.
The programs refered to have been on my PC for over a year, so I Right Clicked each entry and selected Mark as an Exception from the Drop Down. Hey Presto No more Broken Do-Das during Scans. Now have to try and sort out the Wife's PC cause AVG 9 latest Download today has broken her PC.

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