broken cd-rw disc

  jimmer409™ 06:17 26 May 2003

running xp and used to rw program to copy some files, this was the first time and it cocked up the new disc because i forgot to adjust the speed, the disc supports 1,2&4x, i tried to use 48x, now i can't read the disc or use it? when i put it in the machine it just tries to read forever. is there anyway i cane erase the disc and start over, or do i just have to trash it.

  -pops- 07:39 26 May 2003

Trash it!

If it were me, I would trash all other CDRW disks you have as well.

They are the cause of much heartache for many people, not just me.

CDR disks are so very cheap now it's hardly worthwhile taking the risk of having your files and records on unreadable CDRWs.


  Smiler 10:07 26 May 2003

What program are you using to read & write to CDs?
I use Nero and have had a small number of problems but have managed to overcome them. I also use InCd to use the discs as if they were large floppies.

  Pesala 10:23 26 May 2003

Why throw away perfectly good disks that have months or years of use left in them? Often, all you need to do is erase the disk and reformat it, though in this case you may not be able to.

CD-RW disks are less reliable than CD-R disks for backups. They are sure to fail after a while. Nevertheless, they are handy for daily backups. CD-R disks are not so cost effective as they are write once only. If you make daily backups, a CD-R will last about a week in multi-session mode. If you use two or three CD-RW disks in rotation they will last for months before one fails.

  jimmer409™ 14:05 26 May 2003

thanks all, smiler, i did use nero and incd on my old system, but when i tried to load it on my new coumputer running xp it didn't seem to work, incd will not load properly and from what i can gather incd will not work with a via chipset i do like nero and had no problems with the old system running me, if you know of a way to sort this out it would be greatly appreciated.

  Smiler 18:54 26 May 2003

Have you updated to the latest versions of Nero and InCD 3.52.40 on this site click here I have both on a computer with win xp and have no problems

  Ironman556 23:54 26 May 2003

If you can't wipe the disc in your drive, give it to someone else and see if they can wipe it for you. I messed up one of my RW's once by stopping half way through writing. My Plextor refused to do anything to the disk. Gave it to someone else to have a go in another drive, they managed to wipe it first time and I'm not using it again.

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