broken audio cd's

  stephen1978 07:11 14 Jan 2010

does anyone know of any software that i can buy that will allow me take audio tracks from cd's that are damaged and scratched???....i have loads of cd's thats damaged and when i paly them they jump coz there are bad

  crosstrainer 07:51 14 Jan 2010

It depends on how badly damaged they are. No software can fix things it can't read.

I know this sounds crazy, and would onlu use it as a LAST resort, but it can work.

1) Get a very fine soft cloth

2) Put a small quantity of Brasso on the cloth

3) VERY GENTLY clean the entire cd in a circular motion.

4) Rinse ALL traces of the vrasso from the cd, and gently wipe dry.

Try again.

It sounds nuts, but it does work....If they are really badly damaged though, nothing will, and buying new copies is your only option.

  MAT ALAN 07:58 14 Jan 2010

Not so nuts,

theres a few on here (including me)that would suggest toothpaste...

  eedcam 08:34 14 Jan 2010

'No software can fix things it cant read?' true but that does not mean there is'nt software that is capable of reading discs that your basic reader cant

  crosstrainer 09:08 14 Jan 2010

Some toothpastes will work, but brasso is very fine, and designed to remove scratches. Better bet I think.

  [email protected] 09:53 14 Jan 2010

try isobuster...
click here

  canarieslover 10:18 14 Jan 2010

Why not try the hardware approach? click here

  BT 16:53 14 Jan 2010

Perhaps if you treated the CDs better then you wouldn't have the problem!

  Peter 18:35 14 Jan 2010


No need to be harsh BT. While your advice on the treatment of CDs is good perhaps stephen1978 isn't responsible for the condition of the CDs.


  karmgord 19:33 14 Jan 2010

clean side to side ,up and down!
They are not LPs, using a circular motion might damage consecutive data that can not be error corrected by the player.
Brasso can work.
Finally have you tried a straight copy as the computers cd laser might read the disc better.

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