Brochure onto a CD - is it possible ?

  Dirty Dick 11:14 28 Jul 2004

First of all, APLOGIES - I'm completely new to all this. I want to make a brochure, to be put onto a CD, which will include Videos, Backgound music, photos, Gifs, and text etc.. A friend of mine tells me to set it up like a Web Page, using FrontPage (I think !). Can anybody tell me if it is possible to put all those formats into the CD, and also recommend any instructions/tutorials for FrontPage.

  jonnytub 11:16 28 Jul 2004
  jonnytub 11:16 28 Jul 2004

don't think you can use frontpage, maybe i'm wrong.

  €dstowe 11:24 28 Jul 2004

Some years ago we were commisioned by a large egineering supplies company to make CD sales brochures. We used Powerpoint.

I can't remember very much about the project but, not wishing to put you off, they weren't very well received. Someone looking to buy an item doesn't take too kindly having to set up a computer and possibly trawl through a sales presentation on a CD when he can pick up a paper catalogue and find the nut, bolt or screw almost immediately.


  TomJerry 11:30 28 Jul 2004

If not a lot of texts, powerpoint presentation slides is better. Just produce PP slides and use Pack anf Go function in PP to put slides on CD.

If there is a lot of texts, better to produce in web pages format, frontpage will do it adequately.

Tutorital for Frontpage, NO NEED. If you can use word, you can use it as well. Just start the program, click all menu items, you will find how to use it in half hour. Of course, you need expereience if you want to do something "advanced".

  jonnytub 11:32 28 Jul 2004

guess i am ;0)

  Belatucadrus 11:43 28 Jul 2004

Having just created such a CD for my HNC Multimedia assignment, I can confirm your friends suggestion as viable. Just create the brochure as a website then copy to the CD, a useful addition is an autostart like Autorun creator click here or Quick Menu Builder click here

If you create a comprehensive menu page with clear hyperlinks to the contents that should help with clients perception of the final product as it should optimise usability.

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