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  [DELETED] 17:38 14 Apr 2006

My first post here and i hope someone can help?

I want to be able to broadcast my desktop (current active window) across a wireless lan. I want users to be able to view my desktop via web browsers on both notebooks and PDA's by typing in my IP address or PC name. Basically i want to create something like VNC but without host/client login and i dont want users to be able to control my streaming pc. The content would not be Video like AVI or Mpeg. It needs to be real time as there will be a clock running. The program running is a "race control" program and the users should be able to see the race directors information about race leaders, split times, overal race time etc from the pits or paddock via there wireless devices........... this is for model car racing i have to add.

Is there anything that will allow me to do this. even if it means creating a screen dump every 10seconds or so and automaticaly uploading it to a webserver. At least pitmen etc would be able to monitor and receive refreshed info every 10 seconds. Live info would be much better though if it's at all possible?

Anyone, any ideas please?? It's driving me mad :0(


  [DELETED] 22:31 16 Apr 2006

This is a tricky one. I think you may be better off exploring the webserver-style approach, as you could run your own PC as the webserver like a server-based network. There is, I think, a way of forcing wepages to refresh dynamically at intervals and this could in theory be served from the race control program via another program, but that is something that you would need to discuss in Webdesign to get more info. Although I'm a keen webdesigner, this particular sort of thing is certainly far from being a speciality of mine, I have to admit!

  [DELETED] 18:14 18 Apr 2006

Cheers Ade,

I think your right and that the webserver approach is the way to go. I sorted the system last night so i could take a manual screen capture every 10 seconds or so and save this to a file ( it would save as the same filename every time so there would be only 1 image with the latest info which was exactly what i needed). I specified the file in my html so that the link would bring up the image. From there i used an auto refresh tag in the html to reload the page every 20 seconds. This would automatically refresh with latest image. All works well :0)

The only problem i have is that i need something that will autocapture my active window and save to a specified file, overwriting the old file each time. The capture process i have is manual and i'd really like to make it automated so if anyone can advise with a solution that would be cool?

I think this is the only way it will work at the moment unless someone can advise a way of streaming my desktop out live via a webserver? I live in hope ?


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