Broardband down to £18.99 pm...but help!!

  Bluescreen 10:51 03 May 2003

I have found a supplier which will give me BB for 18.99 pm! This is the cheapest I have seen, and forced my hand to sign up. But I don't know what I require. Will my mobo all ready have a BB modem built in? How will I know? They want £58 for modem.The supplier is Plusnet.Anyone had any problems with them>
Much appriciated.


  Pilch.... 11:05 03 May 2003

Modems wont be built in, you can buy them on the net cheaper for £30 from ebuyer, but the only problem being that there may be a slim chance of it now being compatable.

Plusnet i dont use, i use zen with is £27.99 a month, but gives a static IP

  Bluescreen 11:22 03 May 2003

Thanks. So would you be inclined to buy the starter pack from Plusnet broadband for £50? it seems the easiest way to go.

Ps. What is an Ethernet Lan?

  Mr Scone 11:37 03 May 2003

MOst people opt for the standard starter pack when connecting to BB, especially if they haven't much experience in the area. I would.

Ethernet LAN refers to a network card (Local Area Network) which most new computers have, though you can buy one for about £10 (Pci card). It looks like a slightly bigger modem/phone socket on the back of your PC, and is required in most cases to connect your modem to the computer (Though some do use a USB connection)


  spuds 11:38 03 May 2003

There are many offers floating about at the present time.All look like bargains and easy solutions to broadband. But I would suggest that you check the terms and conditions before you sign up. Nothing like getting into a twelve month contract with increasing future pricing.At £18.99, this maybe at the lower band of the broadband spectrum, possibly 112k ?, similar to the Tiscali £19.99 offer.

  Pilch.... 11:47 03 May 2003

is best used if you have more then one computer to be connected to the internet. You can run the internet through 1 computer to then allow the other computers access. But the problem is you may not want to have both computers on at the same time.

But if you want independant access for each machine, then a router modem is the best way, allowing each machine to connect independantly.

  Bluescreen 12:56 03 May 2003

Interesting info.And very true. I signed up to isdn Home highway with Bt a couple of years ago paying £31.99 per month. This only go me 64K as if you wanted 128k you had to pay duel line.(twice the cost of a local call)I was told that BB would be with me within 6 months of signing up and I would automatically transfer over for no extra cost. Then found out that bb was at least 18 months away. ( it was ,as we now know 24 months away)When tried to cancel and go on to dial up, I was told that I was in contract for 12 months!I felt I had be snared into an unfair contract.
But surely 112k is no better than isdn? Plusnet let you join up for minimum one monthly if you want, at no extra cost. I cannot see a limit to speed, so I assume it is full 512k.

Anyone know?

  Bluescreen 15:21 03 May 2003

Still wondering if anyone out there today is using Plusnet BB and is it ok?

  Confab 16:41 03 May 2003

Look at the terms and conditions. I'm sure you won't get access to newsgroups, any freee webspace and P2P sharing will be barred.

But if it's what you want go for it.


  LastChip 16:49 03 May 2003

This is a company I have dealt with and can recommend. click here

If you want trouble free ADSL, use a pci card straight into your machine.

  ShorN 17:05 03 May 2003

im with plusnet and ive had really good service, great speeds all the time, i think ive had difficulty loading pages once since november and that was for about an hour. They are a very good company and the 18.99 package is 512k but has a 50:1 contention ratio whereas the 21.99 package has 20:1

I would highly recommend them, and i also go the usb starter pack, and spread the cost of it over my first 12 months. Great if you havent got a lump sum to start with.

If you do sign up mention my name and I get a monthly discount!!
[email protected]
email me if you want to know anymore!

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