vinnyo123 04:13 25 Mar 2005

Quick question; opinions on all of the above on the same pipeline.Think it would slow Internet down alot? or no effect?

thinking about adding TV and Phone to same Internet connection, but don't want to slow my Internet speed.


as always thanks in advance.

  Yoda Knight 08:34 25 Mar 2005

depends how you do it. If your getting the TV and Telephone services from your ISP you'll be fine. If ur going to use the internet itself, like skype for phone calls and streaming TV, this will impact your internet speed

  Graham ® 08:44 25 Mar 2005

Are we talking cable? No effect at all. They would be on separate channels.

  vinnyo123 19:46 26 Mar 2005

Cable TV, Phone, Internet is all going to be on the same pipeline, One coaxial coming in (POP) splitter (2 ways) on to cable box for TV on for Modem Internet.Then regular RG-11 in Internet modem for phone.

So in the end all going out on same pipeline.I have only internet on that line right know and thinking of adding the others but don't really want to slow down my Internet connection.

Thanks again.

  Graham ® 20:08 26 Mar 2005

As I said, the internet speed would not be affected.

The co-axial 'pipeline' coming in to your house has a capacity of around 80 channels. The internet only uses one.

They are divided digitally into these channels. Traffic on one will not affect any others. You will, however, be sharing the internet connection with your neighbours (contention).

  vinnyo123 22:52 26 Mar 2005

Cool never new it had capacity of 80. I'll have to do some research. Thanks again.

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