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  23790954 22:18 10 Mar 2007

I am presently using Tiscali Broadband, 2mbyte speed, and for £19.99 a month I also get free UK landline calls. I also have to pay £36.00 per month to BT for the line rental. Due to the serious criticism of the company I am contemplating changing my ISP, but I am having trouble finding an ISP + telephone provider. I did look at talk talk, but again there was quite a lot of criticism about them on the web. Is anyone out there using an ISP which has also UK telephone calls in there Broadband bundle, that they would recommend to me.
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  Stuartli 22:55 10 Mar 2007

£36 a month for BT line rental?

Normal charge is £11 a month.

Despite what you may say about TalkTalk I've been very happy after a few initial problems (due to the initial very high takeup) and it's currently offering a 30 day trial.

For £20.99 a month on the TalkTalk3 International (phone side cost of this comprises £9.99 a month including free international calls to 30 different countries), I get 2MB BB, about to be upped to "up to 8MB", free AnyTime UK calls to 01 and 02 numbers, the free international calls and payment of the £11 line rental fee.

As I was paying £14.99 a month just for BB before, plus line rental and cost of phone calls, you can easily gauge that I'm saving plenty of cash every month.

  23790954 21:16 11 Mar 2007

Thanks for that Stuartli, my BT line rental is just over £36.00 per quarter. I do find that Tiscali broadband has a regular tendancy to very much slow down at times, which I do not like. I know this because I service and repair computers that use broadband from other ISP's, and they prove very much faster at downloading files etc than Tiscali. I wil consider giving talk talk a try as you seem to be happy with it. Many thanks.

  birdface 21:45 11 Mar 2007

Why not try NTL they have a few cheap packages for new customers,click here forgot its now Virgin.

  Stuartli 22:32 11 Mar 2007

The Tiscali download speeds are probably due to the fact that so many people in any particular area use it - like most ISPs it has a 50:1 contention ration and subscribers will be battling for bandwidth...:-)

I would guess that 60 per cent of people I know who have broadband are with Tiscali; I was as well at one time until switching to TalkTalk.

I consistently get 1.85 to 1.9MB download speeds, which is good for a 2MB connection and better all round than I did with Tiscali.

  cocteau48 22:52 11 Mar 2007

I'm 100% with Stuartli on this one.
TT are overcoming their initial problems,have upgraded their mail servers and are now pretty reliable.
Be prepared for some disruption post LLU (more down to BT than TT)but I have been through the mill,things have stabilised,and I now get a regular 3.5 to 4 MB which I am very happy with.
The fact that I do not get 8MB is more down to my distance from the exchange than anything else.

  Migwell 23:55 11 Mar 2007

I was once on NTL. I can understand them now being called Virgin, as they were vergin on the impossible to deal with.

I am now with TT and have had a few problems with their email untill a few weeks ago. Now they have sorted out the mail servers things have got so much better and with the calls package I can't see me moving when the 18 month contract runs out. After all where can you get line rental, BB and 24/7 UK and 30 Countries free phone calls up to 70 minutes each and calls to other TT customers for 3 hours each for £21.00 and a discount to mobiles on top of that. Just showes how BT were ripping us off before the market was opened up.

P.S. I dont work for TT either but I will accept a bonus for the add I have just given them, LOL.

  RobCharles1981 00:20 12 Mar 2007

Talk Talk look a good offer Ile follow this up.

  Stuartli 08:59 12 Mar 2007

It's outstanding at present - it will take a Herculean effort by another ISP or ISPs to better it...:-)

  Aargh 10:46 12 Mar 2007

I use pipex and have had no problems

Up to 8mb BB £6.50
Anytimme call package £12.50
Line Rental £10.99

All in for £29.99

click here

  Stuartli 11:26 12 Mar 2007

I've been with Pipex for 11 years on a PAYG basis - however your package (apart from TT's generous for most people 40GB cap against "unlimited") doesn't include free international calls.

As I stated, it will take something special to beat the overall TT package.

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