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  Keith 21:11 28 Aug 2003

My email ISP is Freeserve so my email accounts are [email protected]. If I switch to Broadband (which I hope to do later in the year) and use a service provider other than Freeserve, can I keep my existing email addresses or must I change them to the new ISP? Cheers, Keith

  Taw 21:15 28 Aug 2003

You can keep your existing email address by configuring your email application to pick up from the Freeserve server.

  FRANKMAC 21:25 28 Aug 2003

I was with 3serve ona dial up account, i then moved to BT openworld BB, 3serve let me collect my mail for about 3 months, then they cut me off, saying if i wished to keep my email address, i needed to dial up using freeserve.
This also happened to another email account i had.

  Chris the Ancient 08:34 29 Aug 2003

I'm with ntl b/b on cable.

I still have e-mail accts with freeserve and breathe. ntl will allow me to read these accounts for all e-mails with no probs. I have to go back to the original connections if I want to send using an address other than my ntl one.

My OE6 is configured to give the correct pop and smtp details and all acts well ( except if one of the isp systems is down ;0) ).

I also use mailwasher (now need to subscribe if you have multiple e-mail addresses - unless you can get hold of an old version) and it handles the combination of ntl b/b, breathe and freeserve accts with no hassle.



  Switcher 08:51 29 Aug 2003

With Onetel as my ISP I can Send and Receive on any of my mail accounts with different ISPs using Outlook Express. Not all ISPs allow their customers to do this however.


Have you tried entering the NTL smtp details in all your accounts to allow you to send using these other accounts via NTL

  Switcher 08:54 29 Aug 2003

Sorry second part of message should be addressed to CHRIS

  Keith 11:02 29 Aug 2003

Thanks for all your help. It seems that the answer varies slightly depending who you go with, but generally I feel I will be able to continue with my exisiting email accounts. Cheers, all. Keith

If you change your Freeserve package to NoTies, then as long as you dial in to them for a few minutes once every 3 months they will let you keep all of your existing email accounts.

In Outlook Express, for your Freeserve accounts, leave the freeserve pop3 server address alone, and change the SMTP server to You will then be able to send and receive Freeserve emails without any problems.

This is what I have done and I haven't had a single problem.

That's assuming that you change to BTOpenWorld broadband of course.

  Chris the Ancient 11:32 29 Aug 2003

An interesting idea! Never bothered me up to now really though because I always do my 'sends' through my ntl account. The breathe account exists because I've never bothered to close it and the freeserve acct is a 'backup' that is used as a second adress for someone sho needs to ensure that the e-mails get through.

But, a fascinating idea that I might try!


  nuno83 18:15 29 Aug 2003

Did Somebody get the BT Voyager 100 USB ADSL broadband work in linux

I`m trying to get linux on my Compaq Presario 713EA

I`m have this distribuitions debian 3.0, mandrake 9.1, kurumin 2.01, slackware 9.0, knoppix 3.2.
Could someone teach me how to instsll!
Step by Step since its my first contact with linux!
Thank you!

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