Fateful Shadow 12:56 11 Apr 2005

The date to getting broadband (finally!) in my area is getting close. However, is it possible to get broadband on the day that is set to be enabled, or do I have to wait for them to carry out different checks after it has been enabled?

Thanks :)

  stlucia 13:09 11 Apr 2005

If you've got the broadband kit, you can but suck it and see on the due date. I foolishly waited for my ISP to tell me everything was ready (because they said they would), only to be told (when I did eventually phone to enquire what's the progress) that I had been enabled a couple of weeks ago.

  Indigo 1 13:12 11 Apr 2005

As far as I can remember, BT will have to confirm that BB is enabled before you can connect but having said that I have heard that some people were able to connect before confirmation.

It should only take a day or two anyway so be patient as it might not be very reliable without confirmation from BT.

  Chegs ® 13:57 11 Apr 2005

If you have been given a date for YOUR LINE to be enabled,it often is usable a few days earlier than this,if your waiting for the EXCHANGE IN YOUR AREA being done,then your line will only become usable when your ISP said it would.

  Fateful Shadow 16:38 12 Apr 2005

OK then, so if I were to order it say, 5 days before area activation,

a/ would they let me do that

b/ would it mean my line could b enabled on the area activation date?

Thanks for the replies :)

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:33 12 Apr 2005

I was using ISDN on BT Midband and got BB enabled, still with BT, just one week after the exchange was enabled. At the time, Feb 2004, BT said it could not be done on the same day.

  Graham ® 17:54 12 Apr 2005

Order your broadband as soon as your chosen ISP will allow.

Once you are on the list, you are in the hands of computers who will process your request in line with the parameters they have been programmed with!

In short, no-one knows, unless you know someone on the inside. I can be bribed.

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